Reincarnation – 5 Incredible Stories Told By Young Children Around the World

Reincarnation – the coming back to Earth after death in another body – is a common belief in many schools of thought and is growing in the s...

Reincarnation – the coming back to Earth after death in another body – is a common belief in many schools of thought and is growing in the spiritual non-religious movement as well.

Science too has taken an open-minded look at reincarnation cases often reported by psychotherapists who use hypnosis to uncover past trauma.

Even more intriguing are the stories of young children between ages 3 and 6 years old recalling reincarnation stories in incredible detail that fully check out as true.

These children have knowledge of subjects that are too advanced for their age and private information from people they should never have known.

Over the last 40 years, there have been at least 2,500 documented cases of children who recall their past lives.

Many have been investigated by the University of Virginia and psychiatrist Jim Tucker has confirmed many stories. Here are some of the most fascinating reincarnation stories and past lives recollection from young children.

4-Year Old Remembered Her Husband

Shanti Devi was born in Delhi, India in the 1930s and to the surprise of her parents, she barely spoke for the first four years of her life. When she finally did, the first thing she had to say is that she wanted to go back to her real home in Mathura to her husband and a young son.

After trying to run away to find them at the age of 6, her teacher used the name and address of the man who Shanti said used to be her former incarnation’s husband and sent him a letter.

The husband Kedar Nath confirmed the details of what happened in Shanti’s old life. Her name was Lugdi Devi and she died during childbirth.

After these details confirmed the story Shanti was telling her parents, they did eventually let her visit her old home. When she got there, everything was as she described: the neighborhood, her old home, and even her old sister and son from the past life.

Twin Who Resembled Their Passed Sister

The story of the Pollock twin girls from Hexham, England is often used as biggest proof of reincarnation. In 1957, parents John and Florence Pollock lost their two daughters in a car crash in 1957. The girls Joanna and Jacqueline were 6 and 11 years old at the time.

A year later, Florence gave birth to identical twin girls Gillian and Jennifer. Immediately, the parents saw some strange similarities between the newborns and their sisters who passed away. Jennifer had a matching birthmark on her wrist that Jacqueline had. Another birthmark on her forehead resembles Jacqueline’s scar.

The family moved to a different town when the twins were three months old, and two years later the memories started coming back. The twins requested all of the toys that their sisters used to have and named each their correct names.

They remembered the toys even though they moved homes and never saw them before. Later returning to Hexham, they knew all of the landmarks never having seen them before.

Another sign of reincarnation was that the twins had a phobia of moving cars and would cry that the cars were out to get them.

The twins memories went away at the age of 5 as they often do in child reincarnation cases.

Reincarnation Of A Grandfather

You can imagine the surprise on a new father’s face when a child tells him, “When I Was your age, I used to change your diaper.” That is exactly was Sam Taylor said at just 1.5-years old.

Sam remembered his life as his own grandfather who died 18 months before his birth. He retold in incredible detail private knowledge about his grandfather’s life that he had no way of knowing.

He knew that his grandfather’s sister has been murdered and that his grandmother made milkshakes for his grandfather every day until his death.

As a test, Sam was given old family photos of his grandfather, still young, in a round of 16 other boys. Sam was able to pick out his grandfather every time and exclaimed: “That’s me!”

3-Year Old Searched For His Former Parents

Chanai Choomalaiwong from Thailand was only three years old when he started feeling distressed that he missed his “real” parents. He started remembering that he used to be a teacher named Bua Kai who was shot and killed while riding to school on a bike one day.

Chanai had two birthmarks on his head that resembled gunshot wounds.

Eventually, he convinced his grandmother to take him to his old village, and there he recognized an old couple—his aging parents from his former life.

Boy Remembered His Life As A World War II Pilot

James Leininger started to remember his former life as a WW2 pilot and his death at 21-years old. Through experiencing nightmares, he saw that he was shot down over Iwo Jima Island.

James would wake up screaming from what he saw. He witnessed the crash and a burning plane in the dream world. When awake, he could recall the amazing detail of WWII aircraft that only experts would know.

James’s parents eventually deducted that his former self might have been WWII pilot James Huston.

When James’s story reached the media, further proof came from people who stepped up saying they remembered the pilot and that the details James gave them were correct.

Soul-Catching Net: We Are “Recycled” at Death to Remain in the Matrix

Sources: SpiritScienceCentral.comYouTube.com

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