A Magnetic Pole Shift Is Right Around The Corner

“When there is the shifting of the poles; or a new cycle begins.” – American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce on a pole shift. Some astrological e...

“When there is the shifting of the poles; or a new cycle begins.” – American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce on a pole shift.

Some astrological events are bigger and older than all of humanity today. They are outside of our control, pre-planned by Earth’s physics, and perhaps bring the change that is needed in any given age. One such event may be happening right now — a magnetic pole shift.

There has been talk about the Earth’s poles changing places since before the 2012’s end of the Mayan calendar — a new beginning and a new cycle. According to some projections, the pole shift will be part of this progression into the New Earth cycle.

It is a gradual process with an unpredictable deadline, yet this year it is felt stronger than ever. Many psychic channelers are accessing information that 2018 is the year the poles will create the biggest, most noticeable shift so far.

In the scientific world, this is exciting and mildly concerning as the Earth will be less protected from radiation.

In the spiritual world, it is viewed as a blessing in disguise as having a weaker barrier from the rest of the universe will accelerate the growth of human consciousness, our connection with other worlds, and the experience of Spirit itself.

Signs of The Pole Shift

The Earth poles shift every few thousand years, but the schedule is not precise. It is influenced by other astronomical events as well as human involvement.

Changes in the axis wobble cause the North Pole to point to a different direction about every 24,000 years.

This change has been documented by different religions and belief systems all over the world.

However, the complete polar shift from North to South pole is only believed to take place every 200,000 years or so. However, the last time it took place was likely 780,000 thousands of years ago — Earth is long overdue for another one!

Scientists have noticed signs of it happening right now. The complete pole shift may happen over 1000s of years — or it may happen overnight.

Channeled information is pointing to 2018. When the reverse is done, the physical proof will be that the compass will point to the Arctic instead of Antarctica.

The switch will weaken the Earth’s magnetic field, which already decreased by 15% in the last 200 years. This will leave people more vulnerable to cosmic radiation.

It may also confuse bird and wildlife who use Earth’s magnetic field as a GPS but eventually they will figure out where to go. On the plus side, auroras will look more magnificent than ever.

Most importantly, there are many more changes that will happen and will be felt on the subtle levels of spiritual consciousness.

Going Through a Purification Period

If you look at the diagram provided by NASA of what happens during the pole shift, it looks like a complete chaos. The North and South poles do not switch peacefully but keep shifting all over the Earth until the process is complete.

This is a powerful energy that may be causing a lot of challenges on Earth today — from extreme weather to political conflicts. Same is happening on the individual level; Earth and all of the people are going through a purification process of purging karma, old paradigms, and toxic stagnant energies.

When Earth comes out on the other side of this purge, it will be ready for a huge increase in human consciousness and a straight path towards the creation of what many call the New Earth — a more awakened and peaceful world.

Rising Human Consciousness

With the pole shift comes a switch from the dominating left-brain world to a more balanced right-brain, creative influence. This will help humanity progress away from war and conflict into the world of cooperation and co-existence.

At the same time, the weakened magnetic field will open the door to stronger universal connection. Spiritual gifts will likely magnify, new ones will emerge, and more children will be born with higher skills from the spirit realm.

Both of these changes happening on Earth will accelerate the growth of consciousness and will make it possible for the energies like ones of Atlantis and Lemuria to come back and lead the Earth into a renewed, positive direction.

What you can do now to prepare yourself for this exciting time is to continue working on yourself, your karma, and your gifts — let go of things that are not of a higher vibration and adapt and grow with high-vibrational people, activities, and choices instead.

It is an exciting time to be alive today and each of us can leave a positive mark that helps Earth move into a new phase of existence.

Sources: SpiritScienceCentral.com; YouTube.com

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