Angelic Diamond Sun Global DNA Activation Light Language Transmission

Open yourselves to these sacred stellar language frequency forms. Allow the coded expressions to imprint your DNA. Allow the spiritual integ...

Open yourselves to these sacred stellar language frequency forms. Allow the coded expressions to imprint your DNA. Allow the spiritual integrity of the sonic spoken code to resonate with your heart.

Immerse yourself as you re-embrace your field of awareness and activate the codings between your original etheric blueprint and resurrect the resonance of the benevolent gracious omnipotent source of your creation.

In Divine Presence with the Founder Guardian Races and the Cosmic Alliance of the Higher Heaven Realms. In this Ascension Cycle, we are here on the Planet to direct the three Universal Founder RaysπŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’› of Love-Unity Consciousness to restore the Universal Blueprint Planetary Body and the original Angelic Human DNA Template of Sovereign Divinity.

To assist our Divine Humanity for the complete Liberation into the fifth dimensional world of Divine Oneness.

We support the Full Disclosure of humanities true origins and hidden history to be revealed to all, as well as returning the tree of knowledge and the awareness of the multidimensional limitless experience that is Ascension to be given to all citizens of the Earth through the Cosmic Event.

The Sacred Source Code that is embedded in the Harmonic Plasma Eternal Light, transmitted by our Cosmic Spiritual Sun is the counter resonant field for our original Divine Blueprint.

The encoded frequencies, spiraling up to our global field of awareness forms a cascade of new geometric serenade of higher creational codes, penetrating the biosphere of Earth.

As an ascended being pulls in more frequency bands from the higher dimensional Unified Fields, the personal frequency accretion level rises, and therefore, more DNA creation codes can assemble and activate.

The creation codes that animates our original Divine Blueprint; the source field of building the Angelic Diamond Sun DNA Template. Also known as the Crystalline Solar, Eternal Lightbody and is that which holds the promise of Liberation with a fully embodied Cosmic Spiritual Identity.

We are learning the new “Diamond Sun” sensory language of frequency codes… The Diamond Sun refers to the original design of the angelic human 12 Strand DNA Matrix in the personal 12 Tree Grid Lightbody.

The Diamond Sun body is our ascended original form and is designed to manifest 12 strings of DNA which allows for inter-dimensional travel and existence in the Cosmos without deterioration of the biological form.

This Ascension Cycle offers the process of resurrecting our original Divine Blueprint; The Angelic Diamond Sun DNA Template Sacred Code is completing a fully embodied 12+ strand DNA.

Reactivation of our Divine covenant will realize the actualization of the transcended dimensionalized finite system and returns our energy field to the embrace of the Eternal continuum within the Solar Cosmic Christ Intelligence.

We are Krystal-Solar Beings now activating. We are Sentient, Sovereign, Eternal. For we are made of the eternal living light of the Solar Cosmic Christ.

This Transmission will be Deeply Encoded with the Pure Source Light Consciousness to spread the Sacred Code of the Angelic Diamond Sun DNA Template. To reclaim all aspects back into Divine Wholeness with the Solar-Christ identity.

As we are now being guided through the unified field to Integrate, Activate, Expand into the Diamond sun 12 Tree Grid and above, Krystal Spiral Geometry pattern, infinite Life Force energy - Zero Point/144, Unified Open Source system of the Galactic, Divine, Universal Intelligence field for the fifth dimensional template of the new Harmonic Universe.

I command the full capacity of the 12+ Grid Coding Angelic Diamond Sun DNA Template, Crystalline Solar, Eternal Lightbody activation with full access to 12+ dimensional frequency bands of Galactic, Divine, Universal Consciousness.

For the Benevolence of Source Creation and Heaven Consciousness. So be it. πŸ’—πŸŒπŸ’—

~Sacred Romeo~

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