Understanding Our 12 Strands of Holographic DNA

We’re all familiar with the so-called basic building blocks of life, but many of us are unaware that the double helix is composed of 12-stra...

We’re all familiar with the so-called basic building blocks of life, but many of us are unaware that the double helix is composed of 12-strands as opposed to 2.

The 2-strand theory is the Watson and Crick version of DNA, but new research suggests that our DNA is holographic in nature, just like the Universe, and is much more complex.

The two primary strands of DNA that we are familiar with exist in all living things, but Russian scientists have proven that DNA can take on the qualities of sound and light, and display a holographic, or multi-dimensional existence.

Dr. Pjotr Garajajev and Vladimir Poponin have detailed our DNA, describing it as a Bio Computer. They also discovered that all the “junk DNA” that previous materialist scientists didn’t know what to do with has a purpose. It isn’t junk at all.

The codons of our DNA are like a siren song to the DNA itself, able to reorganize proteins and amino acids to their liking. This was proved using laser lights. It was shown that DNA can be recoded, but it has since been proven that our consciousness also reprograms our DNA.

In fact, our DNA even follows the same patterns of traditional languages. DNA doesn’t just decide if we’ll be short or tall, and have brown eyes or blue ones, but it also acts as an information coding and storage system. The information we put into it comes out in material form.

In other words, the more traditional ways in which genes are affected to cause certain physical traits and behaviors can be “communicated” to our smallest molecules differently — exactly the same as we can communicate to one another about how we feel or what we want to eat for dinner.

We don’t just coincidentally appear to look like our grandfather, but just as easily as we can take on his traits, we can change them, if we simply change the coded messages in our DNA. This all happens via vibration. We are programmable just like super computers – and our processing system is our DNA!

Revolutionary DNA Reprogramming

With this knowledge, we can put aside the simplistic understanding of 2-strand DNA as described by the human genome project, and look at ourselves as a quantum computer. This means every thought, every vibration, and every interaction with other vibratory disturbances (both positive and negative) will change our DNA.

The “Junk” DNA and 12-Strand Hypothesis

According to ancient spiritualists and shamans as well as modern sages of scientific wisdom, our “junk” DNA is the 12-strand holographic version of DNA. It contains encoded messages that simply need to be triggered to help us attain unimaginable states of euphoric communion with God and our Higher Selves.

It is thought that during certain planetary and cosmic cycles, this “junk DNA,” or the holographic computer receives messages that are directed specifically at our operating system.

This causes us to “spontaneously” evolve as human beings into our original state as spiritual beings. You could call it a “going back to” instead of being born, because the impetus for change is already encoded into our DNA.

Mainstream biologists call this “punctuated equilibrium” but it really amounts to a quantum leap for human kind, and possibly much of the sentient world at large.

We will essentially “mutate” into light beings, or creatures with a higher vibratory quality as this DNA is triggered.

Can you help this transformative process along?

As you may have suspected, you can help trigger your own 12-strands of DNA with sound, vibration, and pairing, the way we do it during the teachings of the Soul Reprogramming Method.

The re-coding process does not happen on the physical 2-string level. It happens in the etheric where the 12 strands can become activated.

You can also just be present and observe, as we are moving through a highly charged portion of space, immersed within the Photon Belt (Menasic Radiation), which will cause a period of intense light.

Perfect for reprogramming! We first entered in the late 1990s we should remain within the Photon Belt for a 2,000-year period.

Mainstream scientists remain confused, but with a little research into photonic energy and life force, it all becomes clear. For example, the Casimir Effect is turning out to be even more odd than it was previously taken to be.

Sciencealert.com writes:
“Researchers have discovered a new and unexpected force that acts on nanoparticles in a vacuum, allowing them to be pushed around by pure ‘nothingness.’”
That “nothingness” is the same thing that encoded our “junk DNA” to create greatness in and through us.

As the energies become more intense because we are being showered with more photonic light, we will be called to “upgrade” by becoming more loving, kind, and self-aware. All practices you do which support that process will only help your DNA encode in the new form it was destined for.

By Johanna Bassols, Guest writer

Abou the author: Johanna Bassols is the creator of the Soul Reprogramming Method and founder of the Healers of the Light Academy. "I am delighted to share this experience with you, thank you for allowing me to live my life purpose".

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