5 Spiritually Uplifting Documentaries Streaming On Netflix Right Now

You might be surprised to learn that Netflix has more to offer than just great, bingeworthy shows. by Alanna Ketler , guest author If yo...

You might be surprised to learn that Netflix has more to offer than just great, bingeworthy shows.

by Alanna Ketler, guest author

If you are looking for a spiritual boost, for something to help you feel more connected or optimistic, then Netflix has you covered, featuring many spiritual documentaries that will leave you feeling totally ‘blissed’ out, in awe, or just plain excited about your life.

Below are the top 5 spiritually uplifting documentaries streaming on Netflix right now.

1. I Am

Directed by Tom Shadyac, whose name you may recognize from such films as Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty, and The Nutty Professor, this documentary seeks to discover the answer to a question many of us have:

What is wrong with the world and what can I do about it? Through this question, the film explores the nature of humanity, our ever-growing addiction to materialism, and human connections.

This is a lighthearted film that is sure to leave you feeling good and ready to continue on your journey of discovering the truth about yourself and the world.

2. Happy

What does it truly mean to be happy? While we all want happiness and may even spend our whole lives searching for it, happiness is not something we can discover outside of ourselves.

In an effort to learn the true secret to happiness, this documentary takes a look at people from all different walks of life and asks them what it is that makes them happy.

Scientists, monks, and Okinawan villagers, among others, all chime in to share what makes them happy and what we can learn. The film asks the question, are we in the midst of a happiness revolution?

You will be left with a huge smile on your face after this one!

3. DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Based on a book by the same name that was written by Dr. Rick Straussman, this documentary looks at  DMT, the most powerful psychedelic known to man, and one that exists within the human brain and many plants.

The film interviews some of the participants of Straussman’s study, who were injected with a potent dose of DMT, and asks what they experienced while under its influence.

The most amazing part of this documentary is how everyone’s story seems to be connected, and how their experiences share so many similarities. It will definitely leave you questioning whether or not this substance actually serves as some kind of a portal to a higher level of consciousness.

Effortlessly combining science, spirituality, and philosophy, this film will leave you curious to discover more. It may even validate some of your own thoughts about what happens after death, since our brains release DMT when we die.

4. Kumaré

The story of Kumaré follows a fictional and false guru from a small village in India. Vikram Gandhi creates this character in order to show how people are easily fooled when they believe they need someone to follow and put their faith blindly into any leader or guru that steps up to the plate.

This deception continues because of the guilt Vikram feels at having his followers put so much faith in him and after seeing all of the positive changes they have made in their lives as a result.

This film will help you realize something very important about yourself, and hopefully leave you with exactly what it is you need to tackle the issues that you face.

5. 10 Questions For The Dalai Lama

As the title suggests, the film poses a series of questions to Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, at his monastery in Dharamsala, India. Some of the questions asked include:

  • Why do the poor seem happier than the rich?

  • How can one reconcile an attitude of non-violence when faced with a direct threat to one’s safety and security?

  • Should countries be dedicated to preserving their traditions or embrace modern culture?

  • Will there be another Dalai Lama?

If you have had any of these questions yourself and would like some answers, then this film is certainly for you.

And for more great Netflix documentaries, check out the “Top 11 Documentaries Streaming On Netflix Now That Could Change Your Life.”

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