10 Signs (You Might Miss) That Say You Are An Old Soul

An Old Soul is someone who has lived many lifetimes and has evolved spiritually during that time . While most of us have lived lives prior t...

An Old Soul is someone who has lived many lifetimes and has evolved spiritually during that time.

While most of us have lived lives prior to this current one, some have evolved faster than others. To evolve we need to absorb the lessons life throws at us.

For example, if there are 100 people in a room who face the same obstacle — a certain percentage will lose their way, some will overcome it but become angry or bitter in the process.

But, a small few will overcome the challenge and thrive, perhaps even go on to inspire others to do the same. The small group of souls who not only overcome but then go on to apply their lesson to life are on a 'fast track' to spiritual evolution — they are what I mean by Old Souls.

Being an Old Soul doesn't mean you have to be perfect. Far from it! Old Souls are still human and make mistakes. They just have an ability to 'sense' the bigger picture, and 'know' they are meant to overcome, learn and lead a purposeful life.

Old Souls strive to make their life matter, in small ways as much as big.

Here are 10 Signs (You Might Miss) That Say You Are An Old Soul:

1. Have a strong sense you’ve been here before

Old souls know this is not their first life. They experience flash-back memories, usually triggered by a person or event. For example you meet a stranger and instantly feel a connection.

You read a book, travel to a location, or see something on TV that makes you think ‘I know this place, or I’ve read this before’.

You may experience vivid dreams of a past-life, usually the most traumatic lives are the ones most easily remembered (they leave deeper scars).

You may ‘need’ to live somewhere, a town, or country because you ‘feel’ you belong there, although you have no obvious connection to the area.

2. Playing New Roles With People In Your Life

Old Souls know who in their current life was present in their last. For example, your mother in this life could have been a sister or daughter in a previous life.

You may have a child who you, when you looked in their eyes at birth, sensed was a ‘returning’ soul – you knew instantly you had met before.

3. Wise And Secretive

You keep secrets and somehow, even strangers ‘know’ this and unburden themselves on you. People seek you out for advice, you don’t need to say much, but what you say has impact.

You are no longer surprised when older, sometimes much older people, also defer to you (socially and at work). An Old Soul has a bright light, and others ‘sense’ it, like being with a Seer or Wise One.

4. Adult Time

You attract friends of all ages, but gravitate toward older people. As a child you were just as happy hanging around adults as kids.

Childhood was an important time for you, it is where you first ‘reconnected’ with the spiritual world, so you would have enjoyed alone time, creating your own world.

5. Eyes Are The Doorway To The Soul

You need to look in people’s eyes when you talk to them – although you may have learnt to avert your stare because you know it makes others uncomfortable.

The eyes are the window to the soul, you read people’s soul through their eyes. It has all the information you need.

6. Earth’s A School

You sense that earth is a school and not a final destination. The ‘real’ world is on the Other Side in spirit form. Your spirit (soul) has entered a psychical body to experience some lessons in this place called earth.

Always at the back of your mind is the thought ‘this isn’t it, earth is just a playing ground’. This knowing helps keep ‘Life’ in perspective and allows you to maintain a sense of humor.

7. Alone Time

You need time alone, to ‘hear yourself think’. In other words, your mind needs to stay connected to your soul, because your soul is the one guiding you, and giving you directions.

8. Ethical: Being A Good Person

You strive to be a ‘good’ person – that means being honest, kind, not gossiping or giving way to jealously.

However, you are not perfect, and instantly know when your actions do not align with your principles. You are your own Judgment.

9. Money, Money, Money

You are not driven by owning ‘things’. Money is important in so far as it gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams, but that’s where the relationship ends.

You don’t need to own several homes or cars… quite the opposite, you feel it would weigh you down.

10. Deep Not Shallow

You are attracted to deep relationships – friends or partners that you can talk to for hours.

You’d rather be alone than with a group you don’t feel connected with. Old Souls tend to avoid big groups, loud bars and concerts – they operate much better one on one.

Continue reading: 7 Earthly Pleasures of an Old Soul

By Karina Collins, Psychic

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