The Sensory Organ for Planetary Ascension

The master piece of human design is the sensory organ for Planetary Ascension. As Earth is the sensory organ for Human Ascension. In collabo...

The master piece of human design is the sensory organ for Planetary Ascension. As Earth is the sensory organ for Human Ascension. In collaboration with our mother planet, indeed We Are The Event!

The original Divine Plan intended for the Human species to have full access to 12 dimensions of consciousness within the immortal physical body in a life time. It was never the divine plan of the deterioration that leads to the entropy and death of the manifest expression of the present density physical body.

The original 12 Strand Template, also known as the Angelic Diamond Sun DNA Template. This Divine Blueprint is Humanity's inherent Gift. We are literally the ROYALTY as a species of this Galaxy and possibly beyond.

Due to intruder genetic modification of our DNA, our consciousness has been kept at a lower level of dimensional consciousness.

Our DNA has been suppressed for eons, especially over five thousand years ago in the Egyptian and Sumerian timelines where our genetics had major hacks which has resulted in the suppression of our consciousness.

Understanding that each DNA strand acts as a key and a doorway to a dimension of consciousness. So for example if you had 6 strands of DNA activated, you would be able to create 6 dimensions of consciousness, that is 6 different vibrational levels.

If you have 8 strands of DNA active, you are connecting with your over-soul consciousness, which means you have a much greater awareness of what's going on in the world.

So basically, when one only has 2 strands of DNA active, he/she sees themselves as having a physical body only without being aware of their consciousness beyond the physical instrument. They will have a very narrow perspective of life.

But when you have managed to re-calibrate and activate your DNA template to the original divine human blueprint of Avatar Consciousness, you will experience an enormous consciousness field of awareness.

At this point you will have 12 dimensions of galactic, divine, universal consciousness streaming through your body temple within the unified source field in alignment with the planet.

So when this takes place, all of your life is imbued with manifesting powers with beneficial possibilities, divine creativity, sacred collaboration, and super abundant opportunities.

The Unfolding Divine Plan for 2018

I'm happy 🙂 to report that the ability for us to embody our divine 12+ DNA template in Wholeness will be actualized in this lifetime. As the tide of ascension energies is Rising with our solar star, the Sun translating the primal tri-wave frequencies.

And now a Plasma High Frequency being emitted by the Ascension Stargates is increasing in volume, turning up the notch, and it is Greatly permeating the Earth's surface. And this is one of the fastest vibrational wavelengths in the planet.

This is resulting in a massive acceleration of purging the Planetary Consciousness Grid of energy blockages, simultaneously raising the ethereal frequency of Earth, which supports our Divinity.

As we are directly connected to the PCG, this means that we will have an elevated advancement in consciousness on a global scale, Everything Will Change. I am literally hearing the Earth's grid networks humming in my sleep. So it is time!

Through the Unified Source Field, In the following weeks we will be guided in the process of transforming our physical form into Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. Tri-Unity Consciousness is the superlative human State.

Another thing is that most of the population is unaware consciously that a successfully major shift occurred on the Winter Solstice 2017, where the Earth body was anchored into the 5D frequency band timelines.

The new 5D frequency is in the ley-lines now and moving through the blockages that have been suppressing the planet's Aruic Field. If you look around you nowadays, things seem to be moving swiftly. The energetic shift is accelerating big time... many are suddenly finding themselves making moves and changing the Game!

The new Earth will be collectively established by the isolating transmissions of billions of brainwave patterns in their environmental, visual audible feedback.

As a true reality that validates the fully activated Human DNA Template. The new Earth will be co-created as a living frequency returned to the only vehicle on which we can experience the true and the divine of our creation; Our Crystalline Solar Light Bodies.

Mother Earth awaits our ability to reinstate its true blueprint, by our conscious realignment and adjustment, downloading the Light codes that will actualize the full revelation in this eternal NOW year.

Heaven is our Earth in her transcended Dimension. A realm that is in complete resonance with our Divine Human Blueprint.

We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

We are Sentient, Sovereign, Eternal.

Spread the Love to the most Highest vibration. We did it!

Beloved Blessings,
Romeo Baron

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