Relationships & Domination — Magic Spells Of The Matrix

The spell of relationships is a hard pill to shallow, but the truth will set you free regarding the cause to why many past relationships fai...

The spell of relationships is a hard pill to shallow, but the truth will set you free regarding the cause to why many past relationships failed in tatters.

Relationships and Domination

Humans are social creatures by nature and form bonds with each other as a matter of existence. We all have relationships in our lives, both good and bad.

Relationships are built on communication, and their construction is based on the unconscious agreement of a role to be presented to the other individuals.

The word “individual” broken down etymologically spells in-divided-dual-ism. This phrase basically spells out the deception of communication between any two individuals in a dualistic plane.

The duplicity of communication is for “power over” another.

In duality, this is an everlasting dual between yourself and all engineered others, under various degrees of AI (Artificial Intelligence), using the “word” to tempt the permission of your agreement that leads to the submission of yourself to the reality conjured by the Creator, with the help of AI.

Communication is a dual with words for domination. When two individuals are in a relationship, there is always one of the two that has power over the other, which is established through communication.

When two individuals want something from each other in a relationship, the laws of domination come into play. One is subject to domination when one is unaware of the duplicity of communication. One gives in to the other and this is called the “sacrifice of relationships.”

So, either you betray yourself or you betray the other.

Both, unavoidably give in to the conditions of each other and change themselves to fit the will of the other so that the relationship can remain “healthy”.

In reality, a relationship based on sacrifice is unhealthy. In the present it might seem healthy, but in the NOW the unconscious is the unhealthy truth of yourself, the victim of domination.

Whenever you are in communion with anybody that is relatively unconscious, you can be assured that they are trying to sell their words to you, presented in dialogue.

A person that is deep inside of duality & separation has no choice but to use the “word” to dominate others, in order to get what they want, just like the creator did.

The word served to divide one consciousness in the first place, and even now keeps us in contention with each other due to selfish egotistic “wants” in the material world.

The ego/ identity/ persona is a construct of many different combinations of words, which gives rise to a holistic meaning that is identified with. This entity survives due to the word, and uses the word to get what it wants in a divided plane. To achieve this, it uses communication to gain power over other souls.


Betrayal in relationships has become extremely prevalent. Whether you know it or not, or believe it or not, in the past, the only way you could remain conscious in relationships was to either betray the other or betray yourself.

The reason you self-betray is because you do not want to break the law of ether (break the unwritten soul contract of oneness), so that you remain conscious.

You have been programmed by the veil to become dominated by the negative malefic aspects in the mind and this is the origin of the positive opposed setup externally, also manifesting in the one you love eventually.

That is the gamble one takes in relationships (relativity). This is the duplicity (spell) of relationships in duality.

"Because you take betrayal of self (the negative), this makes you wrong and “they” automatically are positive and right. To break this spell, you have to take the negative, because it makes the positive and only the negative can be alchemized!"
When the negative becomes conscious, the positive becomes negative but conscious — it takes the place where the negative was, freeing you from the effect.

Think in terms of photography: you need the negative in order to generate the positive. If you take away the negative, the positive goes to negative and ceases to appear in your holographic projection.

The positive needs the negative to be positive (in power).

Once you realize the cause of this malefic setup in relationships in duality (there is ultimately NO two and NO dialogue), and that the destroyer (in your past relationships) has been engineered into your life by setting you up negatively in the mind, you are able to break the spell and free yourself altogether from this cause & effect, and you can become one with your partner.

Relationships in the New

A relationship only works when both accept the freewill of the other, letting go of any need to control the will of the other and letting go of the need to force commitments from the other, which enslaves one into the construct of the future.

When two can express their own life together in harmonic matrimony, unhindered by all selfish expectations, then the real love becomes apparent: unconditional love.

Allowing the other to be free & perceiving and embracing the beauty of the beingness unquestionably, is the new formula for relationships.

When you are soul-centered, you are one with the other person. With this article you can break the spell of relationships and become free from the subjection of domination. Act now!

By Arno Pienaar, DreamcatcherReality.com / Image credit

About the author: I am a freelance writer for DreamcatcherReality.com. The source of much of my work is diclem, a pair of metaphysical alchemists. You can contact me via my website: DeprogramTheMatrix.com

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