6 Things Empaths Go Through Daily That Most People Never Notice

Empaths are extremely energetic beings and even the smallest things can be huge to them. While those who are not empaths will not be able t...

Empaths are extremely energetic beings and even the smallest things can be huge to them. While those who are not empaths will not be able to relate to this if you are an empath you know exactly the things I am going over.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about being an empath. Being an empath is a wonderful gift but those who have this gift go through different stressors and things of the rest of the world does.

The more you nurture your gift and work within the less of a problem for you these things will become.

For anyone who may be unsure empaths are people who are able to absorb the emotions of others.

They do this constantly and are not able to ‘turn it off.’ Because of this some of these emotions are taken on as their own and the emotions they absorb can become overwhelming if not discharged properly.

1. They are being dragged down by the negative things around them

Sure, negative things impact us all but empaths get the shock of everything. They are unable to control the flood of emotion they comes over them when things are ‘too much.’

Empaths cannot even watch the news without seeing something that might throw them over the edge.

2. They struggle to find the energy to make it through

Empaths are often being drained throughout their days and this makes it hard for them to make it through. While many may call them lazy because of this they actually work pretty damn hard.

Empaths are always taking on things that are dragging them behind, the fact that they are able to function at all is amazing when you think about the turmoil they are facing within.

3. They are always having to call out liars

Empaths can sense when someone is lying and while it is not something they like to do they have to call them out. Empaths are not dramatic people but they do like to protect others.

When someone has bad intentions the empath will work his or her magic to make sure those bad intentions do not get carried through.

4. They experience intense emotions out of nowhere

The emotions of those just passing by can wash over us as if they are waves of everything.

Depending on what emotions we absorb through those people things can become quite hectic and upsetting. These emotions are not attached to anything and so are also harder to dispell.

5. They have to re-learn how to say 'no' constantly

If the empath feels bad for someone he or she might slip up and say yes to something that he or she should have said no to. When this happens the empath has to re-learn how to say no.

Because they have said yes to one thing they feel bad for turning anyone else away. It is a cycle they struggle with a lot of the time.

6. They struggle to make time for themselves

Because the empath is all over the place and constantly busy he or she often struggles to make time to recharge.

For those who do not know empaths need time alone so that they can dispell these emotions, they are absorbing. If they do not take the time to do this they will only cause problems for themselves in the long run

Once an empath is able to overcome these things they can truly do anything in this life. Empaths are truly amazing individuals. If you are an empath please work on these things so that you can be the best possible version of yourself.

Sources: AwarenessAct.com; YouTube.com

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