3 Vegan Cheese For Pizza That You Should Try

Vegan cheese is a controversial topic. Many people have rebuked its inclusion in Pizzas, declaring it as an insult to Pizza fanatics. But ...

Vegan cheese is a controversial topic. Many people have rebuked its inclusion in Pizzas, declaring it as an insult to Pizza fanatics.

But despite widespread criticism, its popularity has surged in recent years. More and more restaurants are considering it as a viable topping.

For people who don’t religiously follow veganism might well-prefer normal cheese. But for vegans, this is an exciting new development.

Pizza Hut has followed in the footsteps of other franchises and introduced Vegan Pizza for its customers, catching the interest of vegans around the globe.

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Vegan cheeses can consist of a variety of ingredients. Coconut oil and soy-milk are some of the obvious options.

We’ve compiled a list of the best vegan cheese for Pizzas just for you.

Trust me, these choices are great alternatives to dairy-based cheese and provide just as much flavour and taste.

1. Dr. Cow

Dr. Cow makes raw, organic cheese available for us. They’re the pioneers in selling aged cheese.

The wrapping of the cheese makes it appear quite similar to dairy cheese. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of flavours and ingredients.

Aged cheese is much superior to normal vegan cheese because the ageing process imparts certain dairy cheese-esque essence to it.

What’s great is that Dr. Cow genuinely cares about preserving the environment. It’s a brand you can put your trust in.

All of their tree nut cheeses are guaranteed organic. Their cheese mostly contains cashew nuts. However, Brazil nuts are also used to make some varieties.

Thinly slice the cheese bits before incorporating them into your pizza. Customers adore the flavour and aroma of this cheese.

It has garnered positive reviews from a diverse audience. Some people have regarded it as little bits of heaven. So, are you heading to an eco-friendly paradise or what?

2. Miyoko’s Kitchen

Miyako's life-long dream was to recreate the flavours and aromas she experienced while consuming dairy cheese.

She wanted to provide an equally delicious cheese alternative to her fellow vegans.

Miyako’s cheese is still in its early phases but promises to be a customer favourite in the not-so-distant future because of its diverse flavours.

Like Dr.Cow, cashew nut is the primary ingredient in their cheese.

You’ll have a long list of flavours to choose from, including high sierra rustic Alpine, Aged English Smoke Farmhouse and Double cream Garlic Herb.

Head on over to Miyoko’s kitchen for a mouth-watering experience!

3. Daiya

Daiya is well-known for melting with ease. Their shreds were widely used in cheesy vegan pizzas.

Daiya assures its customers that its products have not been adulterated with dairy, soy or gluten.

Not only will you find delicious cheese on the doors of Daiya, but you’ll also have the option of buying frozen pizzas and cheesecakes.

Daiya’s shred is a must have if you’re making vegan cheese pizzas in your home. They’re sure to make you drool over your own creation.

These are our top picks for vegan cheese for pizza lovers. They are healthy alternatives to dairy-based cheese and promise the same flavour and aroma. A Win-Win!

Article by SpiritualUnite.com

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