If You Experience These 8 Signs You Are Affected by The Recent Energy Shift

There are times when the energy and vibrational frequencies of the Earth are altered. At these times, in order to survive, the human body m...

There are times when the energy and vibrational frequencies of the Earth are altered.

At these times, in order to survive, the human body must try and restore the balance between the frequency of their body and that of the Earth.

Of course such shifts are signs of growth, and signify ascent to a higher state of energy.

And the fact that you (might) have experienced such symptoms means that you have progressed many times over your lifetime.

Some common symptoms of advanced energy shift transitions are:

1. Tiredness. You feel inebriated.

2. Oesophageal pain.

3. Mood swings.

4. Abnormal appetite. You have an animal’s appetite or none at all.

5. Depression.

6. Aching throat.

7. Bad or itchy skin.

8. Abnormal sleep cycle.

Some people claim to have experienced basic shift symptoms for a period of four or five years. This made them partially immune to the advanced symptoms that came later.

Basic symptoms, at least the most characteristic one is waking up in the morning with a terrible headache and a ringing in your ears.

Migraines and pain in the sinuses too can occur.

Of course such symptoms are very common as it is in the general population as well, making it very hard to know for sure if these are shift symptoms at all or not.

In fact, as a matter of fact even when it comes to the advanced shift symptoms, it is highly difficult and tricky to know if they are genuinely symptoms of energy shifts or only effects of your lifestyle.

For example: try working until late at night, staring at a screen; you will almost definitely experience sleep issues.

Similarly things like gut pain and stomach issues might be a result of a bad diet or simply a mineral deficiency.

But especially in the latter case what one needs to understand that even when a large amount of wasted food is expelled out of the body, accompanied by gut pain, cramps etc, it is at the end of the day a way of losing energy in one form to reach a more stable state.

The gut or the oesophagus is the part of your body most connected to what enthusiasts call the solar plexus; as a result upheavals may be a sign of an energy related transition.

The doctrine of predestination is organic to understanding the concept of such energy shift: if your body craves a certain kind of food no matter how toxic or harmful it is, it is a sign that it needs to lose energy/ vibrations in some form and gain it in some other form.

Extrapolating this argument, as you can see some items on the list of symptoms are avoidable and you might just think that they are lifestyle issues.

But think about it. What if there are forces and reasons that force your body to shed some of it by harming itself in order to gain a higher balance, which is more holistic with the frequencies of the Universe.

Now because this is a process of detoxification, a process of molting into a better and higher self, different individuals will face different symptoms that others.

It will be subjective thanks to their differing upbringings and lives.

At the end of the day, each individual’s metamorphosis is different because each individual exists in a certain plane of existence and energy.

To be at unity with the Universe is to be at a state of higher being and energy. This is literally like being organically connected to all creation.

Remember James Cameron’s Avatar? Existence is all about being in harmony and in sync with your world and the Universe in general.

Reference: SimpleCapacity.com

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