Consciousness How To Connect With Universal Energy

The universal energy encompasses the entire universe, and every being residing in it. It shapes every life and directs every being in the u...

The universal energy encompasses the entire universe, and every being residing in it. It shapes every life and directs every being in the universe towards its destiny.

To access and harness this universal energy, we must activate our creative mind, and use our cerebral abilities to tap into this perpetual energy source.

Our creative mind is different from our conscious mind and competitive mind in a way that it helps us to form new thoughts and ideas, whereas our conscious and competitive mind utilises behaviours learnt from our past.

Many thought processes can help you unleash the actual powers of your intelligent mind, and immerse in the universal energy surrounding you.

Here are the ideas and dogmas one must strengthen to ascend and diminish self-ego spiritually. Without sapping the powers of self-ego, we cannot activate our creative mind.

We must first lay down our arms in front of our thoughts, and provide them with total control. Let them rule over our physical and mental realms, without any restraints.

There are many ways that can weaken your self-ego, but one of the most effective methods to do so is by practicing kindness.

Filling yourself up with empathy can do wonders to align your frequency with the universal energy.

Your kindness shouldn’t be limited to just humans, but all life forms – insects, animals, plants etc. because all of them are a source of universal energy.

You have to surrender yourself to love, and not the superficial love which is polluting the air in contemporary times.

But the real type of love which makes people sacrifices their own needs for the betterment of their lover.

It grants them with the gift of indomitable selflessness. It transforms them from mere mortals to invincible immortals.

Superficial beauty is only skin deep, and it never strengthens your creative mind. You have to look for beauty in the downtrodden and the depressed.

You must find things in people who have closed themselves off because of their fears and scars. You must help them see their beauty through your eyes.

To unlock your creative mind, you must feel completely free. You must learn to break the mental shackles society, or your influences have bound you in.

We’re trapped in dungeons inside our heads, and to break free, we must realise that there are no limitations to the human mind. It can’t be restricted in a four-walled prison.

Meditation is also a great way of creating peace inside your mind and body for calling out your creative mind. It can help you clean your chakra blockages.

When your body is purged of negative energy, massive space for universal energy is created. It can penetrate through and permanently reside in you.

The universal energy is positive energy that fuels the entire world and leads it towards goodness.

It imparts in beings a clean and clear conscience so that they can use it to connect and develop empathy for each other.

Reference: SpiritualUnite.com

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