Almighty Baking Soda Comes to the Rescue of Your Kidneys

It is amazing how much of a household name for home remedies baking soda is. Do you need to treat a toothache ? Check!  Clean your house? ...

It is amazing how much of a household name for home remedies baking soda is.

Do you need to treat a toothache? Check! 

Clean your house? Check! 
Constipation? Check! 
Hair and beauty treatments? Check!
Washing off pesticides from fruits and vegetables? Check!

John Dwight and Austin Church established the first factory developing baking soda in 1846, and the world haven't looked back ever since.

The two bakeries should very well receive a Nobel Prize or something since their chemical compound of white solid crystalline completely changed the world.

Now, the latest use of baking soda is for your kidneys.

According to a study conducted by a medical team from London, baking soda can help patients with dialysis completely stop their therapy, and transfer to a daily dose of baking soda.

How Baking Soda Helps the Kidneys?

In the study, researchers were giving patients a small dose of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in the form of a tablet.

All patients were receiving the daily dose in addition their usual care.

134 patients with chronic kidney diseases were part of the study.

In the end, after one year, the doctors found out that the kidney function of patients receiving a daily dose of baking soda declined for 60% slower than those that were not receiving baking soda tablets.

No, time for some harsh reality, your kidneys function will start to decline as you age. There is no stopping of that process. However, what you can do is slow the process down, and that is where baking soda helps.

The results of the study also showed that patients taking baking soda in the form of tablets were less likely to develop end-stage diseases that require dialysis.

And while the research was limited, since there was no “placebo group” and patients receiving “dummy treatment”, the results still show some potential for baking soda to be used for preventing and helping with kidney diseases.

Now, I am sure that the question you are asking yourself is how you can get sodium bicarbonate tablets?

You do not need them.

All you need is one teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water.

Drink it once per day (preferably in the morning since you can expect some bowel movement) and you’ll be fine.

Other Medical Uses of Baking Soda

Now, baking soda is not just a household name for home remedies and cleaning of the house. In fact, the white solid crystalline has some other medical uses besides help of the kidneys.

Here are some:

    • Elevates the pH levels of your body

    • Can treat allergic reactions from poison ivy by applying paste on the spot

    • Removal of splinters

    • Baking soda and water are a great antacid.

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