6 Grounding Tips For Highly Sensitive People And Empaths

Empaths are always there for other people. They can probably never say no and the consequence is that they end up being so overwhelmed by e...

Empaths are always there for other people. They can probably never say no and the consequence is that they end up being so overwhelmed by emotions of other people that they find it hard to even help them.

Thus, in a world full of negativity and sadness, if an empath wishes to survive and help people around him/ her, he/ she must learn to be grounded.

6 Important Grounding Tips For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People:

1. Find an energy practitioner

An energy practitioner can help you a lot in your journey. Find someone with whom you associate better and can freely converse with. You must also try and change practitioners if that is required.

2. Learn to say NO and set boundaries

It is important to learn to say NO. You have to keep a place in your heart which is absolutely pristine and is untouched by other people or their emotions. Set boundaries and sometimes try to get less involved. This is for your own good.

3. Try Smudging – It Helps

Smudge your surroundings. This really helps because it lessens the negative energy around you. The less the negative energy, the better you will be able to understand yourself and thus lead a better life.

4. Meditating daily can be a boon

Meditating helps in balancing energies. It is extremely important to meditate because you will be more concentrated and focused on yourself and this will help you in your own spiritual journey. You can try Guerilla meditation. 

5. Spend some quiet time with yourself

Spend quiet time with yourself and fill your empty cup. The world tends to take away most of the empath’s energy and time and thus it is extremely pertinent for an empath to spend some quiet quality time and to fill your cup. Because only when you cup is full, you can give to other people. 

6. Create a shield around yourself

This is crucial. Create an emotional shield around yourself that would protect you from all the outside negative energy.

This shield will keep you emotionally safe and secure and will ensure that no matter what happens around you, you are calm and at peace. It is important to have this shield since you are practically the world’s dumping site.

Dear Empaths and highly sensitive people, use these tips to feel more grounded and happier in your life.

By Conscious Reminder

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