Health Advises From a 104-Year Old Japanese Doctor

Most of us are just alive. Not living. Some of us don’t even understand the difference between both these terms. A Japanese Physician named ...

Most of us are just alive. Not living. Some of us don’t even understand the difference between both these terms.

A Japanese Physician named Dr Shigeaki Hinohara, all his life spoke about the correct ways of living. Throughout his practising span, he wrote over 150 books which spoke of the right and healthy ways of living a long and happy life.

To know what these 14 magical longevity tips from a doctor who lived for 105 years are, continue reading.

Fitness first:

Dr Hinohara says that fitness should be every man’s first priority if they want to live long. This includes regular exercise, yoga or any form of sport along with a well-balanced diet.

He personally preferred to have orange juice, olive oil and coffee for breakfast, cookies and milk for lunch and for dinner he liked having rice, vegetables and fish. He also suggested consuming 100gm of lean meat twice a week.

Your doctor isn’t your best friend:

Yes! He said it in spite of being a doctor himself. According to him, one shouldn’t blindly follow his/her doctor. Sometimes, not cross-checking might also worsen conditions.

Science is not the only answer:

He believed that science does have a lot of answers but it doesn’t necessarily have all. Incorporation of visual as well as liberal arts can do wonders.

Think ahead of time:

One shouldn’t stress about future. But planning ahead does sort a lot of things. It also helps you to look forward. This probably was the reason why Dr. Shigeaki already had a spot booked in the Japan Olympics 2020!

Pain is baffling, don’t fall prey:

There is no certain and immediate cure for pain. Sometimes, not even all the luxuries and medication in the world can solve the mystery of pain. Sometimes swinging in a park or playing with a dog can.

Look for inspiration:

Dr Shigeaki Hinohara once said, “Look for a role model and aim to achieve more than they ever could.”

All of us should pick an inspiration for ourselves who we can look up to and aspire to be. Who constantly motivate us to be a better version of our self. It’s rightly said that one should work until their idols become their rivals.

Enjoy life as much as you can:

While you’re busy trying to build something for yourself, don’t forget to enjoy life. Take life as it comes and acknowledge the little moments of happiness. Laugh more often. And don’t be shy to laugh loudly.

Carry your own stuff and take the stairs:

Dr Hinohara always suggested people to carry their own load and asked them to choose stairs instead of the elevator. It is a good method of staying in shape and active. He used to take two steps to get his muscles moving.

Stop worrying, start living:

Over-thinking can never solve a problem. It can only make it worse. Life is a series of unplanned events. You can place everything in the correct order and something will still trip, hence stop worrying about everything.

Share knowledge:

It is always said that the more you share your knowledge, the more it increases. Dr Shigeaki lived up to it. He travelled around Japan every year to give lectures.

In these sessions, he would stand and give lectures and made sure the audience stood too. Can you believe it? A 105-year-old man, standing throughout lectures.

Don’t be money crazy:

It’s good to be ambitious but not money-crazy. We all have to go to one place in the end. And we don’t have lockers in graves.

Find a role model:

Having a role model always helps us in making better decisions. He would always think of his father in situations when he was confused. He’d think about the decision his father would’ve made if he was in his shoes.

No retirement plan:

If your mental and physical condition is fine then don’t retire. Keep yourself busy and don’t let age chain you down.

These were few of the good advice from a doctor. Try implying them in your life to live a happier and healthier life.

Reference: HealthFoodSoul.com

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