A New Social System And A New Earth

The need for a New social system is not fully recognized, accepted and acted upon, until the corruption of all aspects of the existing false...

The need for a New social system is not fully recognized, accepted and acted upon, until the corruption of all aspects of the existing false matrix are perceived, and the true nature, extent and consequences of the crisis is understood.

A new Earth cannot be actualized from the intellectual obstruction of a dualistic interpretation of 'a better world', built on the infrastructure of the existing false matrix.

Attempting to solve problems at the level at which they are manifesting creates a better problem rather than a solution. Peace will not be realized in a reality governed by those who sanction torture.

As genocide has been continuously widely perpetrated. Without the intervention of a so called civilized global community that considers itself to be on in impressive path of evolution, measured by more lethal technology and more pharmaceutical drugs for diseases created by pharmaceutical drugs.

Endless incidents of brutal demonic behavior that defies human rationalization in human terms saturates the media, film and literature. Those who execute genocide are themselves the victims of energy parasites floating fragmented gene codes within their DNA that are activating embedded commands.

The true propensities of the divine human blueprint have been desecrated. Sacred creative potency of Kundalini inherent in the divine human blueprint, has been deranged and degraded, creating sexual turmoil. And stimulating wide spread addiction to violent pornography, pedophilia, as the experiment on human genetics continues.

The intruders that have implemented this faulty system have no symbiotic resonance with the Earth, our solar system, and the light codes transmitted by our Sun. As we awaken to the full extent of this crises we begin to appreciate the absolute necessity to subvert the fountain head from which the false matrix is generated.

Due to the genetic modification of the human DNA and the mind control programming and religious manipulation of consciousness major circuits within the human system, a disconnection of human bio-circuitry has led to a deficient supply of magnetic life force sustaining energy that has resulted in humanity's limited capacity to activate and express the full spectrum of its Divine Immortal Blueprint.

The deprivation of humanity's life force energy system has reduced humanity to a conflict driven Mortal Race, collectively manifesting a fear-based reality matrix. The modification of our original DNA Blueprint, has resulted in the disconnection of vital extrasensory circuitry.

For many have been unable to translate the full spectrum of the vital data presented in high frequency Light Codes.

In this Ascension cycle we are shifting from the energies of duality to the higher energies of a Unified Field in the collective consciousness. For the genetic rehabilitation of the Original Human DNA and the re-connection of the Human Bio-Circuitry System will be actualized.

Ascension offers the process of resurrecting our Divine blueprint, that will reestablish the original human design prior to our intruder genetic modification. The potential for this blueprint is present in every cell of our bodies. Reactivation of our Divine covenant will realize the actualization of a transcended Dimension.

Setting Humanity on a course of symbiotic evolution with the creation Harmonic, universal Light. Reconnecting the circuits that brings to life the complete human blueprint, returns our energy field to the embrace of the eternal continuum. Resurrecting the ability for full regeneration that is our natural state. We are (!) an immortal race now activating.

The new Earth will be collectively established by the isolating transmissions of billions of brainwave patterns in their environmental, visual audible feedback. As a true reality that validates the fully activated human DNA. The new Earth will be co-created as a living frequency return to the only vehicle on which we can experience the true and the divine of our creation; Our Light Bodies.

Mother Earth awaits our ability to reinstate its true blueprint, by conscious realignment and adjustment, downloading the Light codes that will actualize the full revelation. The codes that are embedded in the Light of our Sun that communicates the Tantric (heart) of creation frequencies.

Heaven is our Earth in her transcended Dimension. A realm that is in complete resonance with our Divine Human Blueprint.🙏💫🌎

Within Divine Love and Service,
Romeo Baron

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