7 Signs That You Are More Spiritual Than You Think

Wondering whether you’re spiritual or not? You’re probably confusing the signs! Here are a few commonly misread signs that say you’re more s...

Wondering whether you’re spiritual or not? You’re probably confusing the signs! Here are a few commonly misread signs that say you’re more spiritual than you think!

Can you be spiritual if you’re dozing off during the seminars at the church, uninterested in the scriptures, and constantly thinking about worldly matters?

Do you really have to be disconnected with the world in order to connect with the absolute reality of life and religion? More importantly, is religion and spirituality mutually exclusive or inseparable?

These are just some of the questions most people seem to ask at some point in their lives.

The worst part is that they usually end up concluding they’re not spiritual and will therefore not even try to get there. In reality, however, it’s the little things that define your state of spirituality.

And, when you put the pieces together, you’ll realize you’re possibly more spiritual than you think!

For the most part, religiousness has little to do with spirituality. Religion implies adherence to the ordained principles of life. Spirituality, on the other hand, refers to a state of enlightenment and consciousness, being able to see beyond materialistic boundaries.

You can be spiritual without being religious, and this is an observation being increasingly accepted across most intellectual groups.

Here are a few “little things” you should keep an eye out for while evaluating your spirituality. You might end up scoring higher on the scale than you expected!

7. Being Able To Register Infinities

Ever wondered how the universe seems to be in perfect harmony with other elements? Have you ever gazed at the stars, visualizing the billion galaxies that seem to co-exist without knowing about each other?

Do you think about the infinities, recognizing the presence of something much bigger and better than the humans that trod this earth?

If you have, you’re more spiritual than you think. You’re able to see beyond materialistic limits. Everyone isn’t as gifted as you!

6. Channelizing Positive Energies

Thinking positive makes you feel positive, channelizing happiness into your aura. If you can control your emotions and connect with the spirits of the universe, resonating positive energies all around you, you’re more spiritual than you think.

Instead of whining about the evils, you’ll focus more on being the change agent. You know you can make this world a better place, so you start by being better yourself.

The mere realization about this reality makes you more spiritual than most others. Because you’re not blaming it on others; you’re taking responsibility for your fair share of evil!

On a similar note, if you’re channeling positive energies through your aura, you’ll keep away from negativities and toxic people. For whatever reason, you’ll simply not be able to get along with them! You’re determined to serve your role as the agent of positivity and happiness!

5. Philanthropic Inclinations

You don’t need to be the person who gives all and keeps little (or nothing) for the self. As mentioned previously, it’s the little things that count.

If you’re helping one other individual at a time, even if it belongs to another species, you have what it takes to connect with your soul and the spirits of the universe. You’re closer to your destination. You can register the presence of beings other than the human race, and you’re willing to help them. It goes a long way to say about your spiritual apex.

4. Nature Inspires

There’s nothing like revisiting your roots, experiencing nature in its original shape. If the natural landscapes inspire you, or you seem to have a built-in passion for traveling and discovering the wonders of nature, you’re closer to self-actualization.

You use the natural balance to unwind, letting go of negative energies and replacing these with freshness, optimism and dedication. When you’re closer to nature, you’re closer to your spirit and soul!

3. You Choose to Forgive and Forget

Cherishing negative energies and emotions in the form of bad memories and resentment take you away from your spiritual roots. You know this, so you choose to forgive and forget not because the wrong-doer deserves it, but because you don’t deserve to be held up in the net of negativity.

You feel easier, lighter, and better when you decide to forego. And you’ve realized this is how it is meant to be. If this is the case, then you’re definitely more spiritual than you think.

2. You Honor Life and Truth

Every life (even if it’s a bug) is sacred, and deserves to be honored. In the same way, every truth deserves to be respected. If you’re standing by your principles and values, you’re definitely more spiritual than you think!

1. You Don’t Harp About It!

As the wise people say, if you’re saying it, you’re most probably not it. Wise people don’t claim to be wise. Likewise, spiritual people don’t claim to be spiritual. It’s a pathway of constant self-discovery and realization. There is no end! If you’ve achieved it, you must’ve taken the wrong turn.

So if you think you’re not spiritual, you’re most probably closer to your destination than you think!

By Helen E. Williams, DreamcatcherReality.com

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