Ted Actress Jessica Barth Claims Producer David Guillod Drugged and Sexually Assaulted Her

Ted actress Jessica Barth claims Atomic Blonde producer David Guillod drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2012 when he was working as her...

Ted actress Jessica Barth claims Atomic Blonde producer David Guillod drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2012 when he was working as her manager.

Barth detailed her accusations in a blog post last week but did not name Guillod as her abuser until Thursday, when she told The Wrap she had gone to the LAPD with the accusations – for the second time.

The actress told The Wrap she tried to press charges in 2012, but ultimately dropped the case when Guillod threatened to sue her. She said she only came forward now because another woman recently reached out to her describing a similar alleged incident with Guillod.

But the producer’s attorney told The Wrap that the case was dropped back in 2012 because of lack of evidence. “This allegation was initially made five years ago and was fully investigated by LAPD at that time,” said his attorney, Thomas M. Ferlauto.

“Witnesses were interviewed whose version of events belied and completely contradicted Ms. Barth’s and LAPD determined the charges to be unfounded.  No criminal or civil case was ever brought against Mr. Guillod,” he added.

Guillod did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Barth told The Wrap she has no knowledge of witnesses who might have contradicted her statement, and noted that she had her own witness, her now-husband Danny Cusumano, who corroborated her story.

“Nothing was found to be unfounded. I just stopped pursuing it because he threatened to sue me,” Barth told the website. “I wasn’t in a place emotionally or financially to take him on legally.”

The LAPD declined to comment, citing privacy, The Wrap reported.

In her blog post last week, Barth claimed that she blacked out during a dinner with a then-unnamed Guillod after having some wine. “The next thing I remember is waking up at home with six hickeys on my neck,” she wrote.

“I was horrified. I was completely and utterly confused and I was sick to my stomach,” she added.

“Through email, he tried to play it off as a silly make-out session between friends. He sent me message after message begging that we talk and letting me know how upset he was and that he couldn’t sleep because of the pit in his stomach.”

Barth claimed that Guillod had made unwanted sexual advances towards her prior to the alleged incident, and that she only agreed to go to the dinner because another woman, Survivor’s Remorse actress Felisha Terrell, was in attendance.

Barth said she immediately fired Guillon as her manager after the alleged assault.

Terrell, who is still managed by Guillod, gave a statement to The Wrap, saying, “There were some inaccuracies in the story as I recall it. If I felt these accusations were 100 percent true I would not have remained a client. As a woman in this business, I am both supportive and inspired by women speaking their truth.”

After Barth published her blog post last week, which did not include Guillod’s name, she says a woman reached out to her claiming she had a similar experience.

“She titled the email with his name. I immediately had shivers from head to toe,” Barth told The Wrap.

“The woman said that she had a similar experience, which was horrific … She said it was about three years ago.” The woman reportedly declined to be identified.

Barth has previously come forward with accusations against Harvey Weinstein, telling CNN the disgraced mogul propositioned her for sex in a hotel room in 2011.

By Mike Miller, People.com / Cover image: Lars Niki/ Corbis via Getty; Jennifer Lourie/ Getty

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