The Negative Agenda Is Losing Ground In A Landslide

There is something rotten underneath the surface on this planet. There is a massive program of division, war, terror and hate that is in ful...

There is something rotten underneath the surface on this planet. There is a massive program of division, war, terror and hate that is in full propagation against the surface population and it is pulling out all the stops.

There are not many who understand why the world is the way that it is, but as understanding and knowledge spreads, so do the people who understand that this planet is not what it seems.

As more and more begin to look inside for the Eternal Flame, the spark of Source that is inside of all of us, the bigger the voice in the collective becomes that is beaming love and compassion to and from the universe.

The negative agenda cannot stand this. They are losing ground in a landslide. They are desperately trying to push their agenda of misdirection, fear and atrocity, as hard as they possibly can and they are pulling out all the stops.

This is a major clue that we are winning. This latest mass shooting in Vegas is filled with occult astrology, flat out lies and numerous eye witnesses saying that there is absolutely no way there was only one shooter.

It is getting easier and easier to see the lack of care, the disdain for hiding in the shadows as their system slips through their fingers. They are desperate.

When we can begin finding the light within, despite the maelstrom of darkness that appears to be on the outside, that is when we find the center. That is when we find the stillness in the storm.

Our world is a product of generation after generation of programmed psychological indoctrination into helplessness, fear, division, energetic manipulation, DNA experimentation and forced trauma after collective trauma.

Despite all of this, while the world spins into chaos... or perhaps because of this... more and more are turning to love. More and more are recognizing that we are so much more than what we have been told.

More and more are opening up their own Vital Life Force Essence, their Chi, their connection to God/ Source/ Creation and are purifying their internal world in the fires of Full Spectrum Love.

Take a deep breath in, filling your body with brilliant Golden sunlight, moving your blood in a cyclone of intensity and light, swirling all the way down through your feet, into the hands, rushing through the pelvis, abdomen and head in a tornado of love, light, and *MOVEMENT*.

Breathe deep in this space of light, filling your body brighter and brighter for as long as you feel comfortable.

Recognize that there are others around the world doing the same, and allow your field to reach out and connect to them as well. Time and space mean nothing. We are all HERE. NOW. Light it up and connect in.

With a gentle smile, radiate a Golden laugh across the planet, filled with hope, community, love, health, healing and happiness.

Let the world know that we all have a greater purpose. We all have something to give... and we all have work to do.

The world is shifting. We are watching the beginning of the rebirth. Nothing will remain the same.

Our job is to head directly into this carrying as much light as needed, with one foot directly in this world, the other connected into where we came from.

Our time is now. Come create with me ♥

By Eric, Guest author

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