It's Time to Stop Masquerading

We all put on a mask and live our lives this way. We do not show our true face to the world. We are afraid to be ourselves. Years and year...

We all put on a mask and live our lives this way. We do not show our true face to the world. We are afraid to be ourselves.

Years and years of brainwashing and peer pressure cause this to happen. We are all conditioned from birth, conditioned to be afraid, to be afraid of being ourselves, we are crushed and lose sight of what we are.

Our self-esteem diminishes; our decisions come from a cold and sad place. We are manipulated and controlled from birth. Our true power is hidden and taken away from us. Our parents have also been conditioned and brain washed by their parents, society and the education system and so it goes on. 

Those who try to show their true selves are ridiculed and outcast until they conform to society’s rules and regulations. After time we believe in our mask more than we believe in our true selves. We deny what is in our hearts and minds.

We all know the truth, we see it every day but we are unable to face it, so we bury it deep within. This causes illness and stress as we struggle with the deep held knowledge held within and the outside world.

More and more people are taking off their masks, maybe not all the time, but slowly and surely they are revealing their true selves. Each day they reveal a little bit more of themselves to the outside world. This truth seeps into the mainstream and the more people who do it the more other people start to reveal their true selves. A domino effect is created.

Eventually what was once ridiculed and vilified becomes known and believed by many. Each and every day this is happening around the world. Each and every day more people are waking up to the truth in the world.

They get braver as time goes on; they come to terms with their new reality and start to share information. They share information naturally as and when conversations turn towards the truth, inspiring others to think a little deeper.

Many people see part of the puzzle and haven’t seen the whole picture yet. They start searching for the truth anywhere and everywhere. Once they start looking for the truth, the truth starts looking for them. Eventually the truth becomes too great and they start to see the whole picture. They keep it to themselves for a long while, digesting the information.

One day they realise the truth is more important than anything else. They start to let go of their ego, they lose the fear and face life head on. They see others as they truly are, they realise that many are still entrenched and lost behind their masks.

Many still feel the need to ridicule others for how they are and what they believe, somehow it doesn’t seem to matter as much as it used to. They have love and understanding for all; they respect others and let them be. They look at people honestly; they look into their hearts and see beyond the mask. They feel their hidden pain and forgive them.

They take off their own mask and reveal themselves to the world, unafraid of the outcome, unafraid of what could happen. They join with all the others who have been brave enough to take off their masks.

People start to think they are a bit crazy a bit strange, but deep down they understand, they listen, and so it begins another mask is slowly being lifted, another life is being transformed, another person is slowly waking up.

By Julie Alexander, HumansAreFree.com / Image source

About the author: I realized what was really going on in the world in 2013. Since then I have been trying to make sense of it all and help others along the way. I am still learning more each day. You can visit my Facebook here and my website here

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