1998 Washington Post Article Reveals Disturbing Link Between Harvey Weinstein & Bill Clinton

When you think of the word “liberal”, what comes to mind? For me, it’s buzzwords like “compassionate,” “pro-woman,” “pro-minority”, etc., et...

When you think of the word “liberal”, what comes to mind? For me, it’s buzzwords like “compassionate,” “pro-woman,” “pro-minority”, etc., etc., etc… The last things you’re supposed to think of are words like “Harvey Weinstein,” “hush money,” and “sexual assault.”

And while everyone is aware of the highly-publicized Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked Bill Clinton’s presidency in the late nineties, you may not know that Harvey Weinstein himself donated thousands of dollars to Bill’s legal defense fund — one of many Hollywood elites who contributed.

When you think of the word “Hollywood”, what comes to mind?

I think “liberal,” “feminist,” “pro-gay” etc., etc., etc.

But for two worlds that claim to be so interested in protecting oppressed groups, it’s hard to grasp why Harvey Weinstein — a man who has now been accused of sexual assault by over 20 women — would be in bed with a “liberal” sexual predator like Bill Clinton.

Unless, of course, like an angler-fish, “liberal” is just a surface-layer distraction from the predator hiding behind it:

Indeed, it has now resurfaced from a 1998 article in the Washington Post that Weinstein was one of many Hollywood moguls donating to protect Bill during his sex scandal with Lewinsky.

In fact, a whopping $10,000 was contributed to Bill’s legal defense fund, the max amount allowed, begging the question: how much more would Harvey have donated if there was no limit?

Of course, Bill has been accused of far more than just consensual sex in the Oval Office.

During the 2016 presidential race between his wife, Hillary, and then-candidate Donald Trump, it became widely publicized that Bill has a long history of sexual predation, with the allegations piquing in October 2016 when 3 of his former alleged female victims were invited in the audience to attend one of the final debates:

Since the Weinstein allegations surfaced, Hillary took 5 days to make a statement on the matter, finally saying she was “shocked and appalled”:

Some, however, believe it was too little, too late from the country’s “most popular feminist.”

By David Wolfe, Guest author

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