9 Ways to Stop Cooperating With the Ruling Elite and Their Control System

Everything you know about the world, the politics, the history, the story media is brainwashing society with, everything is fabricated! Real...

Everything you know about the world, the politics, the history, the story media is brainwashing society with, everything is fabricated!

Reality is much different. Everything is a game of power between certain people who use their influence to pull the strings of society and all with a purpose to gain even more power, more influence and more wealth for themselves.

Rich Elites wield enormous powers and thus control the government. Different political parties are just different faces of the same ‘Hydra.’

Your mind is stuffed with propaganda spread through paid media. The schools are institutions that create slaves of the capitalist system and not a place to promote free thinking.

The system is constructed in a way to continuously brainwash you and force you to chase illusions while being distracted enough so you don’t have time to question the truth around you.

However, you don’t have to fight the system. All you have to do is stop cooperating!

Here are the 9 ways to break the Ruling elites control:

1. Always ask questions

Question everything that you come across. No matter how convincing the explanation is, you must try to look for the hidden motives.

Never believe in the narrative provided by the mainstream media as it will indubitably try to portray image that is suitable to the elites.

2. Don’t let them make you afraid

The Rulers of this world know that the only way for them to maintain their power is by dividing people amongst themselves.

Thus they generate fear among communities to make a narrow looking state of mind. Division by fear is how they maintain their power. Do not fall in their trap.

3. Do not lose sight from the real issues

The elites have provided you with so many sources of entertainment that today we hardly find time away from digital screens. Our society is engineered to promote mindless acts.

All these distractions prevent us to see the real problems within our structure that they use for their benefit.

4. Don’t trust any politics, trust results

The National Parties are nothing more than the puppets of the banking giants who finance them.

Voting for these parties might sound good in short run, but their singular motive is to benefit the people who funded their campaign. So stop trusting who says what, and start trusting facts and results that you can measure.

5. Switch to alternate media

Try to look for the options available on the internet for alternative media. The mainstream media brainwashes you to follow only one line of thought. Opening your perspective to more than one channel will bring you closer to the truth and the real picture of reality.

6. Do not join the institutions of oppression

The Elites have created a way to destroy their opposition with sneaky moves. The military, the police and the intelligence agencies just work for the interest of these elites without even realizing it.

They use their passion and love for their people steering them into thinking they protect their people ending up being the ones who harm their people the most.

7. Travel the world, talk with people, hear their stories

Propaganda and media try to make us think that most people are bad and the world is a scary place. They do this by showing us only the negative 0,1% of the world.

Opening your mind to new places, meeting new people, and hearing their life stories will make you realize that the world is not a bad place, most people are kinder than you could have imagined, and we all fight the same battles deep inside.

8. Eat healthy

Say ‘no’ to the calorie dense salty foods that make you an addict. This junk is sold to you using clever marketing strategies and is very harmful to your body. Also, stop using microwaves and GMO foods. Eat healthy and smart.

Stop eating processed food and reduce your meat consumption. Eat more veggies, fruits, and anything that is organic and natural.

You will feel better, your aggression will reduce, you will have more energy, you will be happier, healthier and play an active role in reducing Earth’s pollution. All with just eating healthy.

9. Do not buy stuff mindlessly

With the help of media, you are compelled to buy products that you do not even need. Never be a slave of technology and consumerist propaganda, always think before consuming anything.

It is only by our relentless ‘Non-Cooperation’ that we’ll be able to throw these parasites away and move towards a better future. We don’t have to fight back, that’s still playing their game.

Just let go of their manipulation, let go of your egoistic drives, and focus on what your heart tells you to do. Stop cooperating with them and rebel with love. After all, they are just one big company that needs you to exist, not the other way around.

By LifeCoachCode.com

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