12 Signs That You Are On Your Way to A Hyperdimensional Existance

We are currently going through a recalibration within our beings, and it can bring about some odd sensations. This process is something that...

We are currently going through a recalibration within our beings, and it can bring about some odd sensations.

This process is something that has been triggered by our transition between the third-dimensional reality and our soon to be hyperdimensional existence.

This transition is quite tricky and can be a challenge if you are not sure as to where you need to go from here. During this time we will be more aware of the things playing out before us.

We will be able to better see through the lies and manipulation of those within our space. You see, through this recalibration we are going to feel a bit of confusion, and in some cases restlessness.

Below you will find a list of things to expect in current times. Do not worry, this will pass. Use this opportunity to evolve further and better yourself.

1. You are no longer able to tolerate synthetic foods

You are beginning to see that you do not need all of these unhealthy foods. You realize now that your body, mind, and soul need proper nutrition. You want to feed your soul.

2. You experience aches and pains

You are dealing with muscle aches, headaches, and flu like symptoms. The energy your body is taking in can cause minor issues to surface for a short amount of time. Just give it some time, it will all go away in time.

3. You spend more time reflecting on the good things of your past

You are learning to appreciate the things that you have or have experienced in the past.

Everything in life seems to be falling into place, and this has you feeling better than ever despite the flu like symptoms. Reflecting makes you feel better as long as you aren’t overly obsessive.

4. You are seeking a quieter way of being

You are beginning to live in a manner that is quieter. You don’t really seem to fit in with the loudness of today’s current world. Spending time with yourself is fulfilling enough!

5. You are drawn to healing therapies

You are opening up to more natural healing methods; yoga and meditation are your go to therapies. Healing therapies seem to feel much more useful to you now.

6. You are becoming more aware of the fluctuations in your perception of time

Your perception of time is changing and you are noticing it more and more. This is a good thing as it is important to be aware. Time is not as simple as most people would like to think.

7. You see through the corporate media

You are sorting through news and making sure you do proper research before believing something. You are now aware that the corporate media destroys everything in a sense, and only tells us what they want us to hear. It is as fake as can be in your book.

8. You are becoming more aware of the political lies being fed to us

You are starting to notice how corrupt everything has become. This mainly being focused on political corruptness, but can be found in other aspects of life as well. You are not a sheep.

9. You value silence more

You find yourself valuing silence more and more, and you seek out quiet people with a vengeance. If someone likes to go party all the time, you probably won’t have much in common with them.

10. You begin to reconsider the people who you allow in your life

You are getting rid of all the negative people in your life, and feel so much better for it. This world is full of toxic individuals; those individuals have no place in your life.

11. You are overwhelmed with a new energy

A new energy is flowing within you that you can feel it in every single ounce of your being. It is intense and quite refreshing, to say the least.

12. You seem to be feeling more balanced within

You are becoming balanced on the inside, and you can feel it. It seems as if something within is truly changing for the better. Nothing can hold you back!

Reference: EducateInspireChange.org

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