How To Change Your Life For The Better In Only A Month

Routine might sound like a boring thing. It’s what the unimaginative guys and the ‘squares’ on the straight and narrow with no sense of adve...

Routine might sound like a boring thing. It’s what the unimaginative guys and the ‘squares’ on the straight and narrow with no sense of adventure do.

Discipline and routine though, are necessary, not only for realizing your full potential, but also because they change your life.

It’s taken for granted that most of us would like to improve something about ourselves, be it the weight gain, the smoking, or the constant laziness and depression.

Routine can do a lot to put you on the track to improve yourselves, mentally and physically.

That’s why we have Svetlana Pokrevskaya, a blogger to share her routine with us on how we can change our lives for the better.

By the end of following her routine you may not even be able to recognize yourself.

For our benefit, she’s divided her routine over the course of four weeks. Each week has a specific set of tasks to be achieved.

Week 01: Cleansing Your Body

1. Wake up early, at 6 AM

This is the best “me” time, for things you can do before the rest of the world awakes. As this is the time when almost everyone is still sound asleep.

Early morning is also proven to be the best time to get your exercise routine started. It’ll keep you fresh and positive for the rest of the day.

2. Improve your Nutrition 

Drop fried food, junk food, empty calories, and sweet beverages. Cutting these things out of your daily diet will help a great deal.

As these things are filled with toxins, they help no one. Hence, eliminating them is the smartest thing you can do.

Drop everything, turn to healthy, more raw food, and watch your life transform.

3. Take up a sport 

Svetlana shares that she personally loves sport and finds it obligatory to one’s well-being.

She prefers running, dancing and yoga, but you may take your pick.

Week 02: The Order of Things

1. Clean Your Home

This is the time for bringing a change into your personal space as well. Throw away all the old and unused things.

They just add to your personal baggage and spoil your place with negative energy. There’s a difference between preserving fond memories and not being able to let things go.

Once you clean your personal space you’ll feel much more refreshed.

2. Take up your Responsibilities

Don’t wait till New Year’s Eve or a better day before you start doing the things you really wanted to do.

Realize your responsibility to yourself and know that there is no better time than now.

3. Work out your social life

Do you have that friend whom you have been dragging around for years and all that that relationship has done is made you absolutely miserable?

Cut them loose, now. Bad relationships are harmful to your mental and spiritual health.

Week 03: Aims, Plans and Visions

1. Write It Down

When making plans it helps to have them written down. Get into the habit of having a daily to-do list.

2. Include Your Crazy Ideas

Stimulate yourself and allow your dreams to run wild when making the list of your goals.

Don’t forget to include even the most far-fetched idea that you have had, in the list.

Week 04: Spreading your Limits

1. Little Changes

Understand that even tiny changes, like changing the choice of your coffee or the colour of your eye shadow; these can have subtle lasting impacts on how you view your lifestyle.

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Those of you who have succeeded in carrying out all the steps mentioned so far, you have already come a long way and have managed to escape your comfort zone.

But you should not stop there. Instead, look fear in the face and beat it.

3. Take a Break

None of these things will come into full effect if you do not stop and take a deep breath. However, taking a break does not involve binge watching your favorite show on Netflix.

It means turning off your Wi-Fi connection, and spending some alone. This may involve going into nature or getting on a long train ride.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you give yourself some honest criticism. Reflect on the past period and ask yourself if you are proud of your accomplishments.

Do you need to make any major changes or are you on the right path towards enlightenment and accomplishments? What can you do to be better?

By Simple Capacity, Guest authors

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