The Best and Worst Careers for Empaths

There are certain jobs more fulfilling and less stressful for empaths. The key to enjoying and excelling at your job is making the most of y...

There are certain jobs more fulfilling and less stressful for empaths. The key to enjoying and excelling at your job is making the most of your temperament.

You must find a way to channel your intuition, pensiveness, your quiet nature and creativity, rather than suppressing it completely.

The best careers for empaths are those that are low stress and with less people.

They’re usually happiest in smaller companies, or working from home, away from the noise and intrigue of big corporations and all those energy vampires.

Having such a flexible job allows you to take regular brakes to decompress.

Self-employment is often their career of choice, as it’s a good way to avoid the overwhelming environment of office hierarchy.

Empaths also tend to perform better on their own time, rather than according the tight schedule of big businesses.

If you’re working for a company, it might be possible for you to station your work at home, as today’s technology doesn’t require you to sit behind a desk in an office.

However, if you do already work in an office, be careful not to exile yourself from social interactions or push yourself too hard.

You need to balance your alone-time with some people-time among colleagues and friends.

So how does all this translate into real world jobs?

Well, empaths do well when self-employed, as writers, editors, medical professionals, artists and other such creative professions.

Other good career choices are website and graphic designers, virtual assistants, accountants and lawyers with private practices, or independent electricians or plumbers who can set up their own schedule.

Real-estate or business consulting is also fine, as long as you establish a clear line between when you’re available and when not.

Landscape design, horticulture, forest ranger and other outdoor professions are great for empaths, as they get to be with nature.

Many also decide on the helping professions, since that satisfies their need to help others.

Empaths choose to become physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, teachers, life coaches, to work for non-profit organizations or with animal-rescue, and other such gratifying professions, but they must make sure to not let the stress from work consume all their energy.

They can do this by taking breaks to clean their head, meditate, by clearly defining the boundaries with people and taking adequate time to relax and refuel.

Jobs like police service or firefighting, though heroic, can often prove too stressful for an empathy, since they’re very sensitive, and there is an inherent physical and psychological risk that comes with them.

Empaths do well at all kinds of job, but it’s essential to find the right one to help stimulate your skills, character and talents.

An empath’s attributes might not be appreciated in big corporations, academia, professional sports, military or government duties, but are a perfect much for the arts and organizations with a more humane focus.

So, when considering professions, use your intuition to judge whether you’re a good fit for their mission and if you agree with their goals, values and energy.

A job might look good on paper, but it might not be right for you.

Jobs to avoid if you’re an empathy are jobs that drain your energy and undermine your empathetic nature.

Such a profession is sales, since it’s a very extroverted job many empaths find it extremely stressful to constantly deal with angry and upset customers.

Empaths adopt other people’s emotions and reactions, and hectic surroundings can be very intimidating for them. They don’t usually feel the need to be on all day long.

Public relations, politics, executives who work with large groups of people, intensive  professions that demand extroversion, a skill at small talk, and a certain aggressiveness rather than thoughtfulness, sensitivity and introspection.

Big corporations are problematic too, since that corporate mentality is hard for empaths to accept.

It doesn’t value an individual’s needs and independent thinking, and empaths’ tendency to question decisions doesn’t fit in it.

All in all the most adequate work environment is one where you can do your job on your own.

But if such a profession is not an option, it’s important for you to improvise solutions so as to make your position more comfortable. The happier you are, the more you’ll excel at whatever it is you’re doing.

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