Holistic MD in Florida Files Lawsuit to Stop Mosquito Spraying and He’s Mad As Hell

UPDATE:  I spoke with Dr Hall by phone to get an update on the case.  I was told the judge didn’t even allegedly read the lawsuit, but hav...

UPDATE: I spoke with Dr Hall by phone to get an update on the case. 

I was told the judge didn’t even allegedly read the lawsuit, but haven’t talked to the judge to ask him (nor doubt he’d talk with me) Dr Hall and I talked at length today about the dangers of naled going way beyond birth defects and discussed what the real agenda is, not just in Florida, but around the nation.

He DOES plan to refile the lawsuit which the judge says he has to amend.

Sadly, mainstream seems to be the usual puppets rooting for folks like Governor Rick Scott whose family OWNS so much in mosquito spray stock it will make your head spin.

Dr Hall told me about the Gofundme account which is simply to raise funds to fund this lawsuit that is fighting the dangerous spraying.

When we talked words were used like eugenics, and I cannot disagree…

Remember naled (aka Dibrom which is morbid spelled backwards) is sprayed on many states in the US, not just here in Florida.

We will have updates as they come in.

Within July has been quite an eventful month here in Florida.

One of those big events is that a holistic Miami Beach MD who last year spearheaded angry opposition to the dangerous pesticide naled, (aka Dibrom which is morbid spelled backwards) filed an emergency request in federal court to stop Miami-Dade County from continuing to aerially spray. (the county completed its second flight this season when it dosed a large part of the coast).

“Dr. Michael R Hall , a holistic MD who described his practice as party “integrative” and attorney Cindy Mattson argued in a complaint filed earlier this month  that federally sanctioned plans to combat mosquitoes using naled pose a health risk and that the county repeatedly failed to give residents enough notice to prepare or take the proper precautions.

“The complaint says the county failed to follow guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency and asks the court to suspend the pesticide’s use until it can hear evidence about its safety.

“A status conference on the request has been scheduled before Judge Federico Moreno on July 12.”

Florida has used naled to fight mosquitoes in mangroves and marshes for decades but last year when officials started using it in neighborhoods and urban areas, to fight Zika, people got angry and started protesting.

And rightfully so.

Environmentalists and biologists have long complained that naled can harm birds, fish, butterflies, bees and other important pollinators.

It’s also a danger to the environment; any benefit it might give in killing the mosquitos that carry Zika, far outweighs the vast risks.

So far this season, Zika hasn’t been an issue because they haven’t found any Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the traps.

In fact, the CDC has removed Florida from the danger list and yet they are continuing to spray anyway. It makes absolutely no sense.

The EPA is currently conducting a regular review of naled (which has been outlawed in Europe).

Even though mosquito control officials and the CDC say it’s safe when used in small doses to combat mosquitoes, recent studies say something entirely different:

  • A recent study of Chinese babies born to mothers exposed to the pesticide found decreased motor function at nine months.

Again, Dr Hall and Mattson have started a gofundme page to gather support. They hope to legally stop the ongoing spraying AND persuade authorities out of court to stop using naled.

By Erin Elizabeth, Guest author

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