An Anthem for Empaths: How to Control Empathy

All right Empaths, I need you to repeat after me: It is not my job to absorb the energies of the world. Say it out loud, even if you don...

All right Empaths, I need you to repeat after me:

It is not my job to absorb the energies of the world.

Say it out loud, even if you don’t believe it: It is not my job to absorb the energies of the world.

Why is this so very important?

Because when you are taking on other people’s grief and loneliness, when you are pulling in other people’s pain, you are attracting and attached to those feelings.

And you pulling those feelings toward you neither serves you nor anyone else.

Burn it off.
Sage it off.
Declare self-sovereignty:
your aura, your skin
will not be breached!

Otherwise you are swaying in the wind, pulled by the highs and lows of every creature on this planet.

Yesterday I was rereading a journal from a dozen years back. The nightmares were weekly: bombs on buses, burning airplanes, screaming as the earth cracked.

I was a radio station tuned to the disasters of the world.

By tuning into my personal psychic channel of Disaster Radio, I was pretty much indulging, on an energetic level, in the 24-hour news cycle of tragedy… which I would rarely choose to do through other media (although I have to admit I’m a sucker for hurricanes and blizzards; I will watch the admittedly ridiculous reporting on those for hours).

To top it off, I was more than a little bit proud of my ability to tune in and read the vibes, to wake up and have the bus bombing confirmed by the newspaper or t.v.

Sound familiar?

Us empaths secretly, or not-so-secretly, revel in being empaths.

And the way that we can prove to ourselves and those around us that we are empathic is to continually have these experiences…

… but then we have headaches, and nightmares, we are sad inexplicably and worried almost constantly.

How to control empathy?

It begins with the simple decision to declare self-sovereignty.

It begins with saying in our heads and our hearts:

It is not my job to absorb the energies of the world.

When we declare self-sovereignty we don’t cut off our psychic antenna, we simply begin to choose when to power it up.

We stop identifying ourselves as being at one with everybody else’s emotions.

It is a HUGE thing and not the work of one evening.

Start with this:

I declare self-sovereignty! It is not my job to absorb the energies of the world.

Maia Toll

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