Mainstream Media Attempts to Cover-Up and Distract From Seth Rich’s Murder

The death of Seth Rich has been flung back into the headlines recently after it is was made public that he had contact with WikiLeaks before...

The death of Seth Rich has been flung back into the headlines recently after it is was made public that he had contact with WikiLeaks before his death.

Not only were investigators told to “stand down” on the case involving the death of the Democratic National Committee staffer, those investigating the case didn’t actually do much to investigate at all.

Furthermore, you won’t likely even hear about this from the mainstream media.

A manager of the Washington, D.C., bar where DNC worker Seth Rich was last spotted hours before he was shot and killed last summer, told WND that D.C. police officers never interviewed the bar’s staff or requested any evidence from the bar.

Investigators had no interest in asking for things such as the bar’s surveillance video from that night, as part of an investigation into Rich’s murder.

“The police never asked for the surveillance video from that night,” a manager of Lou’s City Bar told WND.

This newest claim backs up the previous allegations made by the private investigator, Rod Wheeler, who worked on the case said D.C. police were told to “stand down” on the investigation.

All of this adds to the thickening plot regarding Rich’s death.

The investigator who was told to “stand down” has also said he was told to “cease and desist” his work on the murder case all while the bar’s manager claims the police seriously dropped the ball on this investigation.

It’s almost as if they didn’t care that Rich had been murdered – or were told not to care.

The cops simply didn’t ask many questions, which is odd for a murder investigation. The manager also said he’s not aware of the police ever interviewing any of the bar’s staff members as part of their investigation into Rich’s murder.

“The only time that I talked to police was during the memorial for Seth,” the manager said, noting that those conversations were more casual and friendly, and he didn’t think that those discussions were to further the investigation.

In addition, the manager said police never asked for any other kind of evidence from the bar such as Rich’s bar receipt from that night.

Private investigator Rod Wheeler told FOX 5 DC:

“I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said, ‘Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you.’ Now, that is highly unusual activity for a murder investigation, especially from a police department.”

Wheeler has also suggested that Rich could have been the insider source who leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

WikiLeaks also said that the leaked John Podesta emails [which possibly ties John Podesta, Hilary Clinton and even Obama to a child trafficking and pedophilia ring] came from an insider upset that democrats had rigged the primaries against socialist Bernie Sanders.

WikiLeaks: Podesta Threatened to ‘Make Example’ of Seth Rich — Next, He Was Murdered

As the coverup further unravels, we will likely see that this murder goes straight to the top. There are too many unanswered questions to assume otherwise.

Critical thinking skills aren’t really needed here, as there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to warrant a real investigation into Rich’s murder.

What isn’t being said, however, is that there is an active cover-up of this murder in mainstream media. Few outlets are even looking into Rich’s death, probably out of fear that it will paint their beloved democrats in poor light.

A quick Google search of “Seth Rich” will return dozens of news articles about the murdered DNC staffer. They will come from sources such as Fox News, The Washington Examiner, and Heat Street.

But what’s really strange, is that few articles show up from outlets such as CNN or MSNBC, and those that do parrot the same democrat nonsense about a “theft gone wrong,” and call those looking into this story “conspiracy theorists.”

The Washington Post did publish a story related to Rich, but it focused on Rich’s parents’ claim that reports of him contacting WikiLeaks were without evidence.

Most of the stories by the mainstream media about Rich’s death focus on it being a conspiracy and not worth of looking into.

It feels as if the mainstream media is all but demanding that you stop looking at the blazing wreckage that is the corruption in the democrat party.

Important! As a matter of fact, 6 anti-Clinton activists have been murdered or died in mysterious circumstances during the summer of 2016, when she was campaigning to become President.

It’s fairly obvious to those who aren’t looking at this case through the tainted lens of partisan politics, that the media is doing everything in their power to not only distract from Rick’s murder but to make it go away.

Now, why would they be covering for the murder of one of their own?

By Dawn Luger, Guest author

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