Bill Nye’s Pro-Vaccine Propaganda Shut Down By Producer of Vaxxed Documentary

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has a new show on Netflix, but some viewers are accusing him of pushing nothing but pseudo-science. On one epis...

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has a new show on Netflix, but some viewers are accusing him of pushing nothing but pseudo-science.

On one episode, Bill attempts to neutralize the public’s concerns about vaccines by providing a simplified explanation of how they work — but unfortunately for him, he caught the attention of Del Bigtree, a producer for the anti-vaccine documentary Vaxxed — and Del is, shall we say… angry.

Bill’s segment informs his viewers, saying, “here’s how vaccines work: we study a germ. We call this particular [germ] ‘Gary’.”

At this point, Bill feeds the vaccine into the mouth of a giant toy frog’s head, a bizarre presentation technique for presumably engaging the general public’s interest.'

But now, in a video response released by a producer for the popular and controversial documentary Vaxxed, Bill Nye is made to look like the “Pseudo-Science Guy” as Del Bigtree breaks down the truth about vaccines.

“Believe it or not,” begins Del in his viral Facebook video post that now has over 2.5 million views, “that is absolutely how they teach the class on vaccinations in every medical school across the country.”

Del then provides his own “props” to demonstrate the point, adding, “Basically, we take a disease, we modify it, we put it in some inert substance and inject it into you and your body recognizes it over and over again and fights it.”

Del continues, “But Bill Nye has completely and totally oversimplified this to make you think it’s a good idea. Here’s the part of this little first-grader’s textbook example you didn’t cover, Bill!”

And here’s the part where Del whips out a little science of his own:

“First of all: aluminum,” says Del, holding a large sheet of aluminum foil in his hand, “What happens if you inject it when you’re a baby? Has there ever been a safety test on it? Never! Not in the history of man have we ever said ‘what is it that happens when we inject aluminum?’ We don’t care, Bill!”

Del then proceeds to stuff the aluminum foil into a large envelope while declaring, “Gary gets a little shot of aluminum in there!”

The Vaxxed producer then proceeds to add mercury, describing it as the most “toxic substance that’s not radioactive.”

Adding a reference to the flu shot, Del informs viewers how “pregnant women are going into [their] doctor — they’ve decided it’s a great idea to have mercury being injected into ‘Gary’, which is going into your fetus.”

By the end of his video, Del implores his audience to consider:

“Where does that mercury goo? Where does the aluminum go? They’re not finding it in urine. It’s not disappearing when you take a crap. What it’s doing is it’s being found where? It’s going into the brain! And when it hits the brain….”

You Can Watch the Dramatic Climax To Del’s Video Below:

Sources: DavidWolfe.com; HighWire with Del Bigtree

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