Activating Our Self-Healing Powers

Spontaneous healing: The human body has self-healing capabilities. Here’s how to activate them The term Self-healing, indicates the autono...

Spontaneous healing: The human body has self-healing capabilities. Here’s how to activate them

The term Self-healing, indicates the autonomous process of the human body that tends to safeguard the very life of the body.

How many depressions, panic attacks, or anxiety states could be resolved if you only focused on listening to your needs.

These common psychosomatic manifestations are supported by an autonomic nervous system hyperactivity, particularly from the sympathetic section.

Not just anxiety and panic attacks! Stress, strong self-control, produce the same molecules that weaken our health system.

Cortisol, (adrenaline stress hormone), free radicals are the responsible molecules, which when produced over and over  and for a long time, weaken the immune, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system.

They, among other things, cause a reduction in white blood cells and also increase blood pressure and heart rate, providing humans with an increased risk of getting into frequent (viral, bacterial) diseases and raising risk factors of Stroke or myocardial infarction.

It is possible to get away from these dangers through the “reprogramming” of our mental activity: to be in harmony with our own needs and therefore with oneself, be free to express emotions, laugh, meditate, live satisfying sexuality, cultivate interests and passions.

Being creative, engaging in the favorite sport promotes health, promotes self-esteem for good humor, empathy.

Doctors and scientists around the world investigate a strange phenomenon, even if it is well-known to everyone: cases of people without apparently medical reasons cure serious illness.

Hippocrates (460-377 BC) recognized as the founder of medicine said, “The doctor cares, Nature heals.”

The Doctor administers the treatment, Nature produces healing. We will see in this article how we can help Nature (our Self-healing Mechanism) to heal us.

How to activate self-healing processes

William Braud outlined five key steps to activate self-healing processes and activate the natural body repairing forces that adopted and modified in the light of new discoveries:

1 – Sit or lie in a quiet place.

2 – Turn off your cell phone, remove anything that shakes your body like rings, belts, bracelets, and so on.

3 – Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly, taking care of your belly swelling and deflating. After a few minutes you will be in a state of deep physical and mental relaxation that brings the brain to the Alfa state.

4 – Focus on the breath by allowing thoughts to flow. After a dozen of breaths expanding attention to the whole body, as if you were breathing with your whole body, as if every cell was breathing.

5 –  Visualize increasingly vivid and detailed mental images of the body in perfect health, full of vital white light that sweeps away the illness from dark spots and particles.

6 – Summon and get involved with positive emotions.

7 – Finish with both hands on the center of the chest, halfway between the sternum and the throat where the thyroid gland lies. It should not be strong, but press until it becomes softer.

It starts to give a series of taps like knocking. At the same time, breathe by inflating the chest and subsequent belly breathing, and so on.

This exercise stimulates the endocrine gland to activate. PNEI demonstrates how the immune system and endocrine system are deeply bound.

9 Ways to Stop Absorbing Other People's Negative Emotions

And if I have no health problem?

If you are in perfect health you can still use this technique to make your body vibrant with energy by improving physical performance and mental lucidity.

The real healing

Plato asserted that it is not possible to heal only the body irrespective of knowledge of the mind and soul, while Heraclitus maintained that the hidden harmony is stronger than the manifested one.

We must never forget that, in the case of healing, merit is merely to the nature and the internal healing power that everyone has within himself. We can only avoid hindering this natural process.

By ESI, Gostica.com

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