Here's Why the News is Toxic to Your Body

News is toxic to your body. All those stories on death, dying, terrorism, guns, political failures and mishaps STRESS you out! It puts an un...

News is toxic to your body. All those stories on death, dying, terrorism, guns, political failures and mishaps STRESS you out! It puts an unnecessary strain on your limbic system, brings your vibrations way down, and puts you in a lousy mood all day.

by Missy Marston

When is the last time you watched the news with a majority of feel-good stories? Never?

Most of the stories are telling you how to feel about a topic, how something innocuous is ‘bad’ for you, how something that happens very rarely statistically is happening ‘IN YOUR BACKYARD!!!’.

It’s ridiculous and offers no free room to think for yourself – most stories are simply to incite fear and hatred of whomever we are currently against ‘as a nation’.

When there is an active shooting, what do they focus on? The vigils or the ‘riots’? The victims or the shooter? What is being done or what should have been done?

They focus on the things that make us feel unsafe, like we can’t leave our house without fear of some sort of attack, be it terrorism, a mugging, a plane falling out of the sky, being hit by a car… these fear tactics are something I can do without.

Not to mention, the news is incredibly irrelevant. Why do I need to know about that robbery that happened in another city?

Why do I need to know the hateful things someone famous has said? I avoid the news like the plague – and that’s what it is! News spreads like gossip, and is pretty hard to avoid.

So what can you do? Stop reading, watching, and listening to the news. Try out alternative news sites, not Fox, CNN and other major fear-mongering news sites.

10 Strong Reasons to Stop Watching the News

When you do hear a negative story, try to focus on the positives of it (which may be hard in most cases).

When I hear about something negative that has happened, I like to say a nice little something for those affected to heal or send them love, and move on with my day.

Why carry the negativity of the world with you when you could bring love and peace instead?

Love and light, my friends. Don’t let those stations shrouded in negativity affect you as well, help to spread love and happiness.

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