Energetic Osmosis: 5th Through 8th Dimensions

As someone who will no doubt be exiting this universe at the end of my sojourn here on Earth, I have been most interested in mapping that ro...

As someone who will no doubt be exiting this universe at the end of my sojourn here on Earth, I have been most interested in mapping that route for others to make use of when their time comes. 

By Carla Fox

Recently, I realized that I was neglecting a big chunk of our dimensional reality, namely dimensions 5 through 8.

Whenever I journey to the exit point of our universe, I usually just shoot through these realms without paying any attention to what is going on there.

Not all of you will be doing this, and many may end up in one of these dimensions carrying on with your galactic experiences.

For a review, let’s first look at the energetic structure of the 4th dimension. All the patterns that create our 3D reality are located here. Polarity rules the day, so we have the extremes at play with black vs. white, good vs. evil, mine vs. yours, etc.

Our lives are rife with judgements, labels, competition, and who’s right and who’s wrong.

When energetic connections are made here they are usually in the form of a straight line that hooks into and connects each party according to expectations and needs looking to be fulfilled.

Then the energy starts flowing back and forth with one party always getting the better end of the deal. There is no equality here!

When I first tuned into the energy structure of dimensions 5 through 8, I got the phrase “energetic osmosis”. Osmosis is the flow of fluids through a membrane until there is an equal concentration of a particular substance on either side of that membrane.

This is what enables our bodies to work properly. In other words, energy flows organically from one place to another until there is a balance.

Picture the movement of an amoeba, or perhaps the flow of a large herd of sheep, the likes of which I encountered up in the mountains a few days ago.

For both, there is an unseen force or organic drive that dictates how and to where they flow. You may call it instinct.

Add to this the natural expansion and contraction of 5D through 8D energy forms. The energy moves in a spherical fashion, not linear. There is no taking, stealing or giving of energy, just the natural flow of things.

Each interaction leaves one whole and complete at the end, just like each individual sheep in a flock. That is why the transition from linear to spherical can be pretty difficult for some evolving human beings.

At first it may not seem like a natural way to do business, so to speak, but we are all headed to that place sooner or later!

To tie into this, I have been fascinated for a very long time with the megalithic sites around the world. How did those ancient people lift and carve those mega multi ton rocks?

My theory is that the stones were vibrationally reduced in weight, levitated and softened so that they could be carved like butter while in the air, and then lowered down into place. Many think that ET technology was at play here, but I have a different idea.

What if the people of those times had these abilities naturally via their embodiment of the dimensions above 4D? If there was any “technology” at work, it would have been strictly organic in this manner.

What happened for us to lose these abilities? The earth experienced a huge catastrophe around 12,000 years ago that killed off most of the large mammals that roamed the planet at that time, in addition to most of the human population.

This is when we drastically dropped in vibration, lost those 5D and beyond abilities and became immersed in the synthetic matrix of 4D.

We have never fully recovered, but are now being given many opportunities to dig our way out of the entrapment and re-member those lost skills and abilities.

Start to re-member your 5D and above energetic self. Make appropriate choices day to day. Live a life of minimal expectations and attachments to people, places and things. Honor all life.

Be spherical! Expand your core essence daily to remind you of your spherical nature. You may not be able to journey to the realms past 4D right now, but you can shift your vibration to match that of those arenas.

Remember that like attracts like, so you will be progressing to a state where you can easily pop up there when the time comes.

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