Beware of the Transhumanism Agenda and the GMOs

The elite hidden powers that be, the architects of darkness, have got the idea that the more understood about DNA the closer they get toward...

The elite hidden powers that be, the architects of darkness, have got the idea that the more understood about DNA the closer they get towards holding the keys to immortality. 

by Paul A Philips

While it has indeed been known for some time that they want a population reduction and have intentions to incorporate people with robotics, one of the greatest threats on the transhumanist agenda is GMO.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) the greatest threats to life

New federal guidelines continue to be made granting further research into GMO regardless of ethical issues, safety or public consent.

This allows giant corporations like for example big agriculture carte blanche control over any GMO they want, which includes allowing the creation of human/ animal chimeras.

Yes folks, I know that's a hard one for some to swallow but there has been human cloning going on for years: Human fetuses can be grown and given birth via cow's uteruses... this has been done in labs at Costa Rica.

The idea behind cross-species growing is for humans to live longer lives or for harvesting organs. Other secret human hybrids have been grown in labs at the UK. What about animal and human rights?

The greatest threat to life is not some phony terrorism secretly orchestrated to justify more government surveillance and control.

The greatest threat is out of control GMO in labs by greed driven uncaring profit hungry corporations capable of unmitigated recklessness.

The psychotic technocrats controlling GMO stand to greatly endanger humanity and life in the process.

In events of toxic spillages flora and fauna (plants and animals) can in their resilience eventually survive the damage over generations once the toxicity dies out. In the case of GMO, over the generations the damage will never go away.

More implications

It has been reported that if just one particular lab GM salmon was allowed into the wild, because of its resilience, it would wipe out other same species indigenous populations.

This is nothing new. For instance, certain GM plants can wipe out other organisms. GMO creates mutagenic super-microorganisms (plague potential?).

Allergies or immune system damage to humans has been blamed on GMO.

Trojan horses

With rises in infertility, allergies and diseases such as cancer, GMO has come into question. Could GMO be the cause, carrying Trojan horse genes responsible for these illnesses? Many people think so.

Remember, the elite hidden powers that be want to have a massive population reduction so that their global domination agenda can be easier to control with less people.

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