Russell Brand Brilliantly Explains The Trump Election

The mixed reactions over the election results is certainly no secret. Some are terrified and devastated, others are joyous, feeling hopeful ...

The mixed reactions over the election results is certainly no secret. Some are terrified and devastated, others are joyous, feeling hopeful and are starting to think the elite lost some control on this one.

Russell Brand had some rather interesting insight that resonated deeply with me as it’s precisely what I’ve been sharing since the night of the election: don’t lose hope. More on that below, but first please read this important perspective.

The fact Trump ‘got in’ shows that, more than anything, people really want change.

They are tired of the same old stuff, and enough was brought to the surface about how corrupt Hillary is that people wanted to try something different.

During the tail end of  election night, as social media lit up, I remember feeling that the election result and the Brexit result brought forth very similar reactions.

Many did what the media told them to do and simply began calling out ‘the stupid people, racist people and uneducated people!’

But the truth is, we won’t see the world clearly with that worldview, we’re being challenged to expand our consciousness here and I for one believe that is our course of action.

Bernie Blues

All in hindsight! Although Bernie had the popular vote before, Hillary, the DNC and the media worked to knock him out.

Now more than ever everyone wants Bernie back, and while people think it’s a mistake that he didn’t get in, it’s not. It’s perfect. because that’s what it took to get people to realize the system is rigged.

You see, you can’t pick and choose when to say that ‘everything happens for a reason’ and that ‘everything is perfect’ and ‘consciousness creates reality’ etc.

Those are universal truths that remain true regardless of what is taking place. When something doesn’t go our way we fall out of awareness and into ego. We begin burying ourselves in emotion.

It would be better, instead, to accept what happened and begin asking why? And how? What can we learn from this and why did we co-create this reality?

Think about it, what is more important given our incredibly messed up situation? Having another president we feel OK about or now having the world know that the elections are rigged?

There is a corrupt elite running our world and that now sets the stage for discussion on where we can go from here.

It is imperative that we come to terms with and understand our current state without turning a blind eye to what’s really going on.

If we don’t do that, we won’t be able to come up with solutions that truly work. Shifting consciousness includes seeing things clearly and learning the lesson this cycle is trying to teach us. (...)

What Now?

So where do we go from here? What’s next? Well, the first step is to process the emotions and the fear that’s getting in the way of us seeing the truth.

If we keep getting caught up in them, we’re only going to create even more problems — which is our choice.

But ask yourself if you feel it’s necessary to do this given that a quick shift in awareness can help us see more clearly and help us begin a different set of discussions.

The next step would be having the conversation about the elephant in the room: it’s troubling that after all these years, we still show up at the polling stations to vote for a system that doesn’t have the people’s interests in mind and that is only making things worse as each year goes by.

With a shift in consciousness and awareness, we can start creating something new.

By Joe Martino (excerpt)

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