Measles Vaccines Kill More People Than Measles, CDC Data Proves

If you think getting your child vaccinated against measles is a responsible step to ensure the safety of your child's health, you may be...

If you think getting your child vaccinated against measles is a responsible step to ensure the safety of your child's health, you may be shocked to find that the vaccine is actually more dangerous than the disease itself.

Data revealed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) showed that NO child has died from contracting measles in the last 10 years, while there have been at least 108 deaths reported that were caused by the vaccine in the same time, VAERS has published.

Up until fairly recently, the measles was seen as a common childhood disease, providing lifelong immunity to those who contracted and recovered from it, and it was certainly not met the amount of fear that surrounds it today.

The risk of grave illness, or death from contracting measles has always been extremely minimal.

These days the fear and scaremongering that surrounds the measles is huge, supported by the media, and labels children who have not been vaccinated against it as dangerous to society, and worse still-the parents who have let their child remain un-vaccinated.

These individuals are painted as bad parents who are putting everyone else's children at risk.

The media has been reporting of resurgences of measles breakouts — which are unsubstantiated — to scare parents into thinking that vaccination is the right way to go, when in reality the exact opposite is actually the truth.
"There have been no measles deaths reported in the U.S. since 2003," this is from an Associate Press reported based on statements made by Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of the CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.
Meanwhile, since 2003 there have been 108 deaths reported in association with the measles vaccine, a shocking 96 of which were connected with the controversial MMR.

Vastly More Deaths From Measles After The Vaccine Was Introduced

Deaths by measles were strongly on the decline up until the vaccine was introduced in 1963, showing that better sanitation and improvements in the nation's general heath was improving and making measles less of health risk to children that it previously had been.
"What you may not have heard, is that by 1963, the death rate from measles in the United States had already dropped by approximately 98%," from the International Medical Council on Vaccination (IMCV).
Some have tried to argue that the little number of deaths from measles is because of the vaccine, but in fact it would be a whole lot lower-virtually nonexistent- if the vaccine wasn't being used at all.

This graph shows the decline up until, and after the vaccine was introduced:

CFR Oops Moment: Unvaccinated are Healthier than Vaccinated Populations

Shortly after it was introduced, it was observed that the symptoms of measles actually got worse in patients who had received the vaccine than in those who hadn't.

One of the ways the measles vaccine was detrimental to health was that it suppressed the rash and high fever associated with measles, thus stopping the body's natural immunity response, making the disease harder to treat and leading to health problems later in life.
"[W]hereas natural measles exposure generally left the person with reliable lifelong immunity, measles vaccines leave the individual with waning immunity," says IMCV.

"This dynamic of waning immunity means we will probably see measles epidemics even in highly vaccinated populations."
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