Matter is an Illusion: Physical Reality is Empty Space Buzzing With Energy

Everything you see around you every day consists of physical matter – or so it seems. When we take a closer look at objects we see that they...

Everything you see around you every day consists of physical matter – or so it seems. When we take a closer look at objects we see that they consist of atoms.

Have you ever tried to imagine how small an atom is, or how much empty space it consists of?

Atoms were thought to be the smallest building blocks of the universe for around 2000 years. We now know that atoms consist of smaller particles and that they are mostly empty space.

In this video Jonathan Bergmann uses understandable metaphors to give you a sense of the insanely small size and the enormous density of the nucleus of an atom. Prepare to have your mind blown.

As you'll see, atoms consist of vast amounts of empty space:

Let’s take this a bit further.

When quantum physicists look closely at atoms, they keep finding smaller building blocks and more empty space.

Scientists now believe that tiny vibrating strings of energy make up the building blocks of the nucleus. In fact, all “matter” seems to consist of tiny vibrating strings of energy.

In other words, the physical world you see around you consists of electromagnetic waves – light! Your physical body is not that physical at all. It is light, or energy.

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Science and spirituality now merge in this paradigm shift from matter to emptiness, from physicality to energy, from objects to a unified field of consciousness.

It is time we all make this shift in perception. It is time we see that on one level everything is emptiness. Consciousness is what creates reality.

Amazing things start to happen when you realize your true nature as empty awareness. The atoms that make up your body are empty space. Tiny vibrating strands of energy make up the building blocks of these atoms.

You are a being of light.

By Vegard Paulsen / Questioning Reality Like Never Before

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