The Evolution of Consciousness: How are You Experiencing the Higher Dimensions?

“Your spirit and every cell of your body has always been multi-dimensional only your conscious awareness is trained to live in the limitatio...

“Your spirit and every cell of your body has always been multi-dimensional only your conscious awareness is trained to live in the limitations and restrictions of the three-dimensional matrix.” — Aurora Ray

It should be no surprising revelation that there are things in this world that exist that we cannot see. Air exists yet we do not see it. Ultra-violet rays exist yet we do not see them.

Thoughts and Feelings exist and we do not see those either. When we think of our external reality on these terms, it’s easier to comprehend the theory that we are existing in multi-dimensional realities simultaneously.

Just because we cannot see it, doesn’t mean it is not there or not happening. The experience of these different dimensions is one that goes hand in hand with the shift in consciousness that so many people are starting to or have been experiencing for some time now.

While the scientific explanations for these experiences is still a little murky and undefined, there is undeniably new revelations on the topic that are happening not only on a personal level but also a scientific level.

As Eileen Seiler, author of, Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution, states:
“Science is now moving closer to documenting the effects of other dimensional realities. Even with the best technology in the world today, science can only observe effects, not the reality itself.”
For me, I can only speak on how I personally have been experiencing a shift in my conscious awareness and consequently how the experience of feeling my own consciousness on multiple levels or dimensions is being felt.

By exploring our inner worlds and sharing our own personal consciousness transformation stories, perhaps we can compare notes and make some more sense of what it means to be multi-dimensional being.
“You are becoming a new species. The vibrations in and around you are increasing in speed you are all adjusting to these higher dimensional energies (consciously and unconsciously).

“Without awareness of this process, you may feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious and hopeless. With a shift of consciousness, you can thrive as well as create your future.” — Elaine Seiler
First we must explore what the different dimensions are and how can they be identified. The third dimension is the physical/material world, what can be seen and touched. It is the most dense of all the dimensions, and that is why energy appears as actual solid form here.

In terms of our physical body, the way we see the world is with our eyes. Since our eyes exist in the third dimension, meaning they are a physical thing that can be seen and touched, they can only pick up other third dimensional properties or “entities”.

For example, we can only see the colors that are existing in this dimension, but this is only a fraction of the colors that actually exist. Thoughts and ideas are fourth dimensional properties, this is where our “ego” exists.

It is in this dimension that things are labeled, “good” and “bad”, “right” and “wrong”. Since a majority of people are existing in these two dimensions primarily we find that many are still judging and comparing things in the 3d by these measures.

The 5d is the newest dimension that is becoming available to us, and it is where the world can be felt and experienced on an energetic level. For me, personally, my experience of 5d has been an opening of my heart chakra.

Instead of experiencing “anger” or “happiness” in terms of an idea my mind has constructed, I have actually felt the energy of the emotion prior to labeling it as anything.

All of these dimensions, 3d, 4d, and 5d are now available for us to experience, but it may take some level or practice or a “raising of vibration” in order for us to experience them fully.

However, by merely shifting where our attention is placed, we are able to experience ourselves and how it “feels” to be in 3d, 4d and even 5d or some combination of the three depending on the level of consciousness that we are existing at.

But, if a person is still very much identified with 3d, explaining the concept of 5d would be pointless. The experience of a higher state of vibration is nothing that can be taught but only felt.

And unless someone has experienced it they may be able to intellectualize the concept but would not truly know the experience of it.

It’s also important to realize that there is not “finish line” in the practice of raising vibration.

I think I can speak for most who are experiencing the shift of consciousness process that as soon as I think I have reached some “plateau” or culmination of, ‘this is the highest vibration I’ve existed at,” life surprises me once again and I get the experience of even higher vibration, which makes this whole consciousness/ dimensional journey a life and even after-life long process.

The concept of multi-dimensionality is new to me as I’m sure to you as well, but by opening ourselves up to the possibility of these theories and concepts we allow the experience of these things to enter our reality.

It is important to remember that we are all on our own individual “shift in consciousness” journeys, and there is no right or wrong place that someone should be at.

You may meet people who seem completely immersed in the physical world to the point where they will believe in nothing that they cannot literally see or touch, and that is OK.

Or you may also meet people who have experienced things like astral travel, and may be a little bit more open to other dimensions, and that is OK too.

The mind can only see and comprehend what it is prepared to, so when we apply this to ourselves and people we meet, we see that no one is really “wrong” in the way they are perceiving themselves and the world.

We are all on the perfect path for us, and only time can tell how this whole “ascending into 5d” will pan out, but I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the consciousness evolution has proven to be beyond anything I could have pictured or imagined previously, which is kind of the point.

From my perspective, until an experience is “felt” it cannot truly be understood.

Source and reference: Fractal Enlightenment; Different dimensions

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