Kill Cancer With These 7 Foods

According to latest research, there are 7 super foods that can treat cancer effectively.  The foods include red wine, dark chocolate, blue...

According to latest research, there are 7 super foods that can treat cancer effectively. 

The foods include red wine, dark chocolate, blueberries, tomatoes, turmeric, green tea and curry. Besides being delicious, these foods can also successfully treat cancer.

Angiogenesis is a physiological process of blood vessel formation during the early stages of the fetal development.

This process, however, continues during our lives when we damage blood vessels through cuts or burns.

The process is vital for the growth and spread of cancer as well. It is controlled by activators and inhibitors, and although most of cancer research is focused on inhibitors, the vascular growth of cells is controlled by the activators.

These 7 foods have the ability to stop angiogenesis and cut off the blood supply to tumors while preventing cancer cell growth.

Without new blood vessels, cancer cells don’t receive oxygen which leads to their demise.

This is why most cancer drugs are pharmaceutically designed inhibitors. They try to neutralize the activity of the activators and stop angiogenesis, although they are not always effective.

These seven foods provide the same anti-angiogenisis effect, which is why they are extremely important for any cancer treatment.

Red wine

Red wine is rich in an antioxidant called resveratrol, which can also be found in grape skin.

According to nutritionists, this antioxidant can prevent heart disease and premature aging while also improving your glucose intolerance, boosting your energy levels and your focus.

Just 225 ml. of red wine provide your body with 640 mcg. of resveratrol.

Higher quality wines such as Bordeaux and Pinot Noir have higher concentrations, but you can also take resveratrol supplements in combination with grapes.


Turmeric is a beneficial spice which can be used for numerous medicinal purposes. It can stimulate weight loss and prevent cancer development as well.

Blueberries and raspberries

These fruits are incredibly effective in preventing different types of cancer. They have also been shown to stop angiogenesis and reduce oxidative stress.


Tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50%, according to a latest Harvard study. This is due to the presence of lycopene, a powerful anti-cancer agent the inhibits angiogenesis.

Lycopene is easily metabolized in the body, and its concentration rises when it’s exposed to high temperatures, which is why cooked tomatoes are suggested for cancer patients.

Dark chocolate

Sweets should not be ruled out in the fight against cancer. Namely, dark chocolate is actually extremely healthy, it promotes heart health, enhances your mood, and combats malignant cells.

Coffee and green tea

Coffee and green tea are extremely beneficial and contain many cancer beating substances.

Reference: Tipsforeasierlife

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