Doctor Vows 'No More Vaccines' at his Practice after Attending The AutismOne Conference

On those rare days when reality bumps up against long held beliefs — few are spared the painful learning curve. Nowhere are these awakenin...

On those rare days when reality bumps up against long held beliefs — few are spared the painful learning curve.

Nowhere are these awakenings more dramatic than when it comes to those in the medical community forced to change their long-held beliefs.

The US — and the world — are experiencing a rapid shift towards the hard facts that pharmaceutical drugs damage people and vaccines are unsafe and ineffective — at best.

The growing movement towards treating the root cause of illness with diet, natural methods and a deep understanding of one’s own body is still being resisted by some.

However, As Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors — and countless others unwilling to face reality — embodied, their temper tantrums and self-centered reasoning only serves to illustrate the absurdity of a mainstream medical system whose time has passed.

Tremendous support and forgiveness was given to Dr. Stork’s co-host, Dr. Rachael Ross when she stated publicly to a Chicago audience filled with families whose children were vaccine injured the following admissions:
“From the outside looking in now and as I’m saying this to all you people, I almost feel like an ass… It’s kinda like, you wake up one day and you just feel like, God!

“I’m just blindly, like a robot, following through with this [vaccination] with no new data, no new information and didn’t know what was in them…

“That’s part of why physicians are very resistant to this information because you have to sit at home and redigest and relearn everything that you learned and come to terms with the damage that you potentially caused through the years.”   
It was not long ago that the fourteenth annual AutismOne conference in Chicago wrapped up. The stamp left by the event’s hopeful messages and revolutionary undertones continues to resonate throughout parts of society and the medical community.

At the crossroads of a runaway autism epidemic, mainstream momentum is beginning to spotlight vaccine injury and whistleblowing corruption. Those in attendance at the Chicago conference could feel the buzz of something big.

As the five day conference unfolded, reports began to circulate telling the story of numerous medical professionals who began to understand that they have been lied to.

Perhaps lured to the Chicago AutismOne conference by the mainstream success of the film Vaxxed, these doctors, nurses and researchers were eager to debunk vaccine injury and numerous whistleblower admissions once and for all — most experienced a rapid and painful learning curve.

It is tough to know when AutismOne 2016 attendee, Dr. Daniel Kalb's, MD, MPH, FAAFB aha moment occurred.

Perhaps the awakening even happened while Dr. Kalb sat through the lecture titled Dissecting Whistleblower Documents: A Story of Corruption, in which Dr. Brian Hooker, Dr. Judy Mikovitz and Michael Hugo presented damning evidence and documents to a standing room only crowd — greeted to many rounds of applause during their hour and a half presentation.

Or perhaps it was during the premiere and following Q&A session of the documentary film Vaxxed at the conference. Regardless, there is one thing for certain, Dr. Kalb will never be the same family physician again.

The proof of his transformation can be observed by reading the latest public release from his Cool Springs Tennessee family practice titled “No More Vaccines at Cool Springs Family Medicine”.

In the post, Cool Springs Family Medicine outlines eight reasons they will no longer vaccinate their patients.

The empowering public release concludes by stating:
“…just as I have always done, as is my responsibility as a Family Physician, I will be an advocate for each of my patients as best as I know how. Also, I will always continue to respect the informed choices my patients make.”
We have all experienced events in our life so powerful, that they represent a lifelong impression that forever divides our timeline into before and after.

Once this event is stamped into our soul, it becomes impossible for us to ever conceive of how we didn't know or didn't see a certain reality.

The medical community, and all those touched by its influence, is experiencing a rapid awakening towards higher consciousness and true healing.

It is up to the critical mass of public opinion to support, with forgiveness and love, those within this tightly controlled medical system who continue to stand up and break out of our medical dark ages and all the forces responsible for it.

By Independent Journalist Jefferey Jaxen

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