Blushwood Berry Proven to Treat 75% of All Types of Cancer Within 25 Days

The first effects of this plant’s actions are visible within 2 weeks, until the whole tumors disappear within 25-30 days – it just falls off...

The first effects of this plant’s actions are visible within 2 weeks, until the whole tumors disappear within 25-30 days – it just falls off of the skin.

Blushwood has exceptional medicinal properties that are thought to take priority in combating the tumor in the near future.

In the north of Queensland, Australia, in the rain forest, a smaller population Blushwood (Hylandia dockrillii) has developed, whose traits were scientifically studied for eight years and came to startling data.

Out of 200 animals (horses, dogs, Tasmanian devils, cats) which were artificially induced with tumors of the neck and melanomas, the application extracts from the berries of this plant cured the tumor in 75% of the cases.

According to the researchers, none of cured tumors returned afterwards.

Blushwood berries contain compound that directs the blood flow from the infected tissue and thus stimulates the immune system of the organism to actively decompose the tumor and kills the tumor cells.

The researchers noted that this drug has no side effects. The first effects are visible within 2 weeks, until the whole tumors disappear within 25 – 30 days, simply falling off the skin.

But blushwood has its limitations. It is extremely difficult to grow it in areas outside of the northern Queensland.

But do not be sad because plants that have very similar effects on tumors are everywhere around us, and the two most effective are following below in this article.

Hemp Oil-A Month of Use

Four years of chemotherapy has destroyed Croatian human’s organism. When he started using it in Croatia illegally, the miraculously hemp oil changed this man’s life.

This man literally spit the tumor through the mouth and so it is solved forever. After a month of using it, this man was holding his tumor in both his hand.

Cannabis oil really works miracles and cures cancer, which can be confirmed by millions of people around the world who found salvation.

Carrots – 8 Months of Use

Ann Cameron managed to cure colon cancer in the fourth phase by drinking only carrot juice, without changes in diet, radiation and chemotherapy. After the surgery of the cancer in the third stage, the situation has worsened and cancer metastasized to the lungs in late 2012.

Doctors recommended her chemotherapy, regardless of the fact that it could not extend her life.

She refused, and as she was studying alternative methods of treatment, was found information about Ralph Cole who cured his cancer thanks to carrot juice (2 pounds of carrot juice per day). Thus she began her healing journey, drinking the same amount.

By the way, she forgot about the juice for three even four days, and she kept eating all kinds of food, sometimes unhealthy. So, the only change in her life was the carrot juice.

In January 2013, after eight weeks of drinking carrot juice on a daily basis, CT scan showed that the cancerous tumors have stopped growing.

There was a small reduction in tumor and swelling of the lymph nodes. In March 2013 the existing tumors continue to decrease, there were no swollen lymph nodes and no new tumor cells.

In July 2013, the cancer was completely gone and all swollen lymph nodes returned to normal.

After eight months of drinking carrot juice the cancer was completely gone. All the world’s media told her story, but she it is not the only example, there are plenty.

Reference: Best Herbal Health

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