Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer: Eye-Opening Evidence

A woman diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer located on the crown on her head managed to cure it by applying baking soda paste di...

A woman diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer located on the crown on her head managed to cure it by applying baking soda paste directly on the affected area.

At first, when her daughter insisted, she refused, but then she decided to give it a try. After three major surgeries, the cancer returned and each time it was even worse, so she decided to trust nature and started using pure cold pressed organic coconut oil instead of water and baking soda.

Coconut oil has cellular regenerative powers, which is why she applied the thick paste directly onto the affected area.

Azizo, her daguhter, used only Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics, and she applied them only at night.

You are allowed to use other antibiotic ointment just as a precaution against bacterial infections within the sore area. For instance, you can use colloidal silver soaked cotton as well.

Once the wound is closed, you can stop using the ointment. Azizo continued applying the combination of baking soda and coconut oil, but she also applied cotton ball soaked in ACV and taped it to the skin.

As a result, this induced the penetraton of baking soda to the basal cell carcinoma roots beyond the skin’s surface. Yet another even better solution for this purpose is DMSO.

Azizo continued applying this remedy to her mother for 38 days, and finally, the woman was completely free from skin cancer and the wound healed in no time.

You can read their story and learn more about the method she used by following this link.

Even though this skin cancer is nor deadly as melanoma can be, it can still continue spreading on the skin if it’s not properly cured.

If you didn’t know, tumors only thrive in acidic environments, which makes baking soda an excellent solution since it provides only alkaline environment.

Dramatic Life and Death Story

Vernon Johnson, recently divorced and low on cash was diagnosed with stage III prostate cancer, which metastasized into the hip area and soon developed in stage IV.

He was supposed to be examined about the therapy he needed to undergo in several weeks, when his son suggested him to try several substances that could rapidly alkalize on a cellular level.

Even though he ordered cesium, it never arrived, so he used baking soda and blackstrap mollases, instead of maple syrup.

The Trojan Horse sugar should open cancer cells wide so that they could receive the highly alkaline influence of baking soda. This should eventually result in destruction of cancer cells.

After two weeks of using this natural solution, his bone scan showed that there is no spreading of the cancer. The PSA dropped from 22 to 5 to 1 over the course of his treatment and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

However, beside his treatment, Vernon started spending a lot of time on sunlight, switched to a healthier plant based diet and did breathing exercises on a regular basis in order to increase the oxygen delivery to the cancer affected area.

Moreover he wrote a book called “Vernon’s Dance With Cancer: After the Jolt”, where he shared his experience with cancer.

He wrote this book over five years after the original baking soda alkaline producing treatment. Five years later, he is cancer free and he gives lectures about the treatment.

It should be mentioned that there are certain foods that produce alkalinity in the body, while certain acidic foods such as lemon and limes become alkaline in the body right after their ingestion. Make sure to incorporate baking soda in your life since it is alkaline and produces alkalinity.

Dr. Mark Sircus is an Italian former physician who is now an alternative health practitioner. Based on his experience as an oncology surgeon, he injects baking soda solution into the blood vessels that feed tumors.

According to Dr. Simoncini, there is no pharmaceutical anti-fungal that is more effective and safe than baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate.

Moreover, he also claims that cancer thrives on fungal colonies which also create cancer. His claim resulted in removing of his physician certification in Italy.

As you can see, baking soda is extremely powerful natural ingredient which should receive more attention and examination, or at least is should be considered as a complementary treatment for severe ailments and a total approach for minor ailments.

You can purchase cold pressed organic coconut oil and baking soda online, from Amazon, or your local health store.

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