Put This Natural Mixture on Your Aching Tooth to Relieve Pain

The tooth pain can be really frustrating and painful, especially if a nerve is damaged, but other reasons can be present too. Teeth infectio...

The tooth pain can be really frustrating and painful, especially if a nerve is damaged, but other reasons can be present too.

Teeth infections, gum issues, plaque, dental decay, injuries, cracked teeth, bad crowns and fillings, leaking of the fillings/crowns, loss of a tooth, temporomandibular joint TMJ issues and sleep apnea are the common reasons.

The worst pain known to all is tooth pain — almost unbearable.

The best thing to do is to make an appointment with a good dentist ASAP. But, toothaches usually happen without prior warnings and many times during the night — so, you need immediate help.

Or, even worse, you are on the road, traveling, and there's no way you can see a dentist. How can you help yourself or your loved ones?

Here's an amazing DIY pain relief all-natural mixture, that it almost works miracles for the time being.

To make this pain relief mixture, you need just these two ingredients:

These natural ingredients are not that expensive and you can find them in all health stores.

Make the concoction like this: 

  1. ½ tsp of both items in a glass 
  2. start mixing to get a paste.

Apply it on the tooth and gums too and feel less pain right away. You can safely apply the concoction several times a day.

As always, the best advice we can give is to contact your doctor for more information.

Why does it work?

This works due to the eugenol from the clove powder content. It is analgesic and the coconut, on the other hand, is antibacterial.

Every person should know this secret, just in case of an unpleasant surprise in the middle of the night!

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