Famous Herbalist Dr. Sebi (Cure for Everything: AIDS, Cancer) Died in Police Custody — Was He Murdered?

Dr. Sebi was a world renowned naturalist who specialized in herbology, pathology and biochemistry.  Born in Honduras in 1933, Sebi receive...

Dr. Sebi was a world renowned naturalist who specialized in herbology, pathology and biochemistry. 

Born in Honduras in 1933, Sebi received inspiration to become a natural healer from the beauty he observed in nature and his beloved grandmother "Mama Hay."

She along with an herbalist from Mexico taught Sebi the gift of natural healing, using plants found in nature to cure diseases previously deemed incurable.

Upon relocating to the United States, Sebi developed various chronic illnesses including asthma, diabetes and obesity.

Conventional medicine failed to cure Sebi, leading him to Mexico and eventually the herbalist who changed his life.

Astounded by the effectiveness of natural medicine, Sebi began creating his own products made from natural vegetation that promote inter-cellular cleansing and revitalization of important cells in the human body.

The herbalist had a 30 year history of curing diseases once thought incurable

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His unique knowledge of natural healing led to the creation of the USHA Research Institute, Dr. Sebi LLC and the Usha Healing Village located in Laceiba, Honduras.

There his team has successfully reversed various illnesses believed to be incurable, including AIDS, sickle cell anemia, lupus, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, epilepsy and much more.

The herbalist received notoriety for treating several celebrities including Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of TLC, actor Steven Seagal and Michael Jackson.

But sadly Dr. Sebi's life ended abruptly roughly two months after being arrested at Juan Manuel Galvez de Roatan International Airport in Honduras.

On May 28, 2016, the natural healer and his associate Pablo Medina Gamboa were apprehended on charges of money laundering after arriving in Honduras from California.

Dr. Sebi was reportedly carrying $20,000 in cash on his person and Gamboa $30,000.

The two were attempting to board a private plane to another location in Honduras when they were detained.

Dr. Sebi was released pending a June 3, 2016, court appearance; however, he was arrested again by the Public Ministerio, the equivalent to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The unsanitary living conditions in the Honduran prison system

The health of the 82-year-old holistic healer began to deteriorate while incarcerated in the Honduran prison system, which has been described as "desperately overcrowded, unsanitary, seething with tension and violence."

Dr. Sebi was reportedly diagnosed with pneumonia and placed on pharmaceutical drugs. His health quickly went downhill while his family worked against the clock to get him released.

One of the reasons the Honduran prison system is so overcrowded is because 50 percent of the prisoners are held in pre-trial detention.

A 2014 report from the National Commission for Human Rights found that out of roughly 15,000 prisoners, nearly 8,000 (53.5 percent) are awaiting trial.

The severe overcrowding results in poor nutrition for inmates and severe lack of medical care.

Dr. Sebi's condition grew so critical that he passed away while being rushed to the Vicente D'antoni Hospital. It's currently unclear whether there is any evidence to suggest foul play.

Though it is likely that unsanitary jail conditions played a role in his death, a recent wave of unexplained deaths in the natural health community has sparked rumors that Dr. Sebi may have been killed due to his impact as a natural healer.

Remembering Dr. Sebi and his amazing holistic health cures

His Cell Food products, which rely on natural botanical remedies that cleanse and detoxify the body, have assuredly touched thousands of people suffering from debilitating illnesses.

Dr. Sebi's philosophy maintained that removing accumulated toxins from the body and replacing depleted minerals promotes health and well-being.

His team at Cell Food posted a thoughtful statement on its website remembering the healer for his compassion, brilliance and zest for life.
"Upon receiving the devastating news that our teacher, world healer, family and friend to so many, had passed on to transition out of his physical body - it brought great sadness and heavy hearts around the world.
"With your support Dr. Sebi's legacy will not cease to exist. Fortunately, Dr. Sebi transmitted his knowledge to his disciples at Dr. Sebi's Cell Food who have learned directly from Dr. Sebi and will maintain his knowledge, philosophy and formulas intact. It is our duty at Dr. Sebi's Cell Food to continue with his legacy."
By Julie Wilson / Photo credit: The Rock Newman Show

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