We Live in a Computer-Simulated Matrix — Here’s the Scientific Proof

Life in a Computer-Simulated Matrix Suppose you spent your whole life as a character in the computer game The Sims . You would have no ide...

Life in a Computer-Simulated Matrix

Suppose you spent your whole life as a character in the computer game The Sims. You would have no idea that the world around you wasn’t real and was really just a computer game.

But suppose one day one of your fellow Sims, a scientist, while trying to discover the physics of your world, stumbled upon elements of the source code of the very game you were in.

Here you are living a normal life, and then you find much to your astonishment that you are in fact living in a video game inside a computer.

How would you react? Would you freak out? Surely this couldn’t happen in the real world right? Such a notion would be impossible and ridiculous.

But wait! There are many millions of Sims games going on, and only one real world.

Meaning there are many more Sims than people living in the real world. Does this sound impossible anymore?

In fact this being the case, it would be more probable that you are living in a video game right now than living in the real world! Am I messing with your head yet? Surely this is impossible.

But what if I told you that the above scenario was not just a thought experiment but something that actually happened in our “real” world?

As it turns out just such a thing has happened! James Sylvester Gates Jr. a leading physicist and science advisor to President Obama found artificial computer code built into the equations of superstring theory!

Specifically a particular kind of computer code that is used in search engines on our computers. Meaning if this discovery holds up it would appear that we are in someone else’s video game.

Don’t believe me? Check this video out. It has James Gates Jr. talking with no other than the famed Neil DeGrasse Tyson about this astonishing new discovery:

As it turns out, this is not the only clue that we are living in a virtual reality. There are a number of other interesting videos linked via YouTube annotations as well (follow the links popping up while you watch the videos).

Here you can see a list of numerous virtual reality effects concealed within what we normally think of as relativity and quantum physics. After you watch this you may never see PBS physics documentaries the same again.

By Steven Jordan, DreamcatcherReality.com / Republished with permission.

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