Former Clinton Consultant Exposes Fake News

“As a journalist, to say these words, I can’t tell you with what a heavy heart I say them, but we’ve entered an era in which it is not crazy...

“As a journalist, to say these words, I can’t tell you with what a heavy heart I say them, but we’ve entered an era in which it is not crazy to assess news events to see if they’re real or not real, in the United States, as well as overseas, and if fact, it’s kind of crazy not to.” – Former Clinton political consultant Naomi Wolf

by Ryan Cristian

The resounding applause that followed that extremely impactful statement serves to demonstrate quite clearly how many Americans are becoming acutely aware of their own government’s manipulation of their lives.

There is a reflexive vilification of anyone speculating about the idea of a false flag in today’s society, regardless of its historical precedent, because they become a “Conspiracy Theorist” and are cast as “the crazy few.”

Yet it is becoming increasingly apparent that those who are at least questioning the mainstream narrative, are in fact the many.

Despite the fact that very few are actually aware of this massive shift in American rights, in 2014 it became officially legal for the US government to use propaganda on its citizens.

Under the newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) there is an amendment that legalizes the use of propaganda on the American public.

This means that the last “news story” you might have caught, could have been completely fabricated to garner a specific response or perception; and as inherently wrong and immoral as that sounds, it would in fact be considered perfectly legal… to them.

Prior to this amendment, a longstanding federal law previously made it illegal for the US government to share propagandized information, which it has been producing, with actual American citizens.

This material is designed to be sent to American-operated outlets broadcasting around the globe, and used to influence the perception of foreign entities.

This material is now used to influence the perception of voters, consumers, activists, and anyone they deem necessary to manipulate, and all on American soil.

Use of propaganda inside the US had been banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed, and for good reason, as the oversight with such manipulations is almost non-existent.

The NDAA was branded as an attempt at transparency, but the reality is much more sinister, as it was essentially a green-light to use that propagandized material on Americans instead of foreign populations.

When considering the many different “events” that have taken place in recent years, both politically and socially, the truth of this propaganda directive begins to materialize.

Whether or not it’s deemed “legal” by the crony politicians, what is now being done to American citizens, any way you look at it, is unconstitutional.
“I don’t think there is anything dishonorable about being in the intelligence services if you obey the Constitution and the law.”
It is also important to remember that regardless of whether this amendment now makes domestic propaganda legal, it does not mean that the government was holding back its propagandized material up until that point.

This new law only serves to make what they have been doing all along, as “officially” legal. The idea of the agent provocateur is a perfect example, and has been demonstrated time and time again well before 2014.

Police officers, or other officials, have been caught dressing up as regular citizens and inciting violence on many different occasions, which is just another form of propaganda.

So why is it considered unthinkable that there could be spectacles that might drive an outcome in the news stream, such as a false flag.

If laws have made it legal to assassinate American citizens and legal to propagandize them, why should it be crazy or weird to think that might be for a reason?
“All over the world our intelligence services are engaged in conspiring to create outcomes, that’s their job, that’s how they’re successful.”
References: https://www.rt.com, http://www.businessinsider.com, http://www.maxkeiser.com

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