One of the First Eyewitnesses to the Orlando Attack is An Actor

One of the first eyewitnesses to the deadly Orlando terror attack, who was inside the Pulse nightclu...

One of the first eyewitnesses to the deadly Orlando terror attack, who was inside the Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning, was interviewed by the press early on and also just so happens to be an actor, which is now raising eyebrows of researchers in the online community.

by Shepard Ambellas

Luis Burbano, a credentialed actor, listed on IMDb.com, appeared on “The Kelly File,” a Fox News show hosted by Megyn Kelly, to give his testimony to what happened during the shooting, which can be seen in the following video:

Burbano’s IMDb:

To be clear, I am not reporting that Burbano was for sure a ‘crisis actor’ or that the attack did not take place, I am rather putting this information out for you, the reader, to make your own decision.

More Famous Crisis Actors Exposed
by Alexander Light

Other examples of famous crisis actors exposed:

1. The Wheelers: Actor David Wheeler who stared in the movie 'Faithful' (2001), played two roles at Sandy Hook false flag:

- FBI officer (he basically walked up and down in front of cameras the whole time)
- grieving parent, together with his wife, actress and singer Francine Wheeler

Ever since the false flag, they travel the country as paid anti-gun lobbyists. — Read story here.

2. Barbara Starr, acting as a Pentagon correspondent for CNN and as a crisis actor
during the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon false flag events. — Read story here.

3. Steven Spielberg was photographed carrying an allegedly-wounded person on a stretcher during the Boston Marathon false flag. If he was in charge of that show, then I am fairly disappointed, as it was poorly scripted, played and directed.  — Read more here

Related: FBI Report: No Deaths at Sandy Hook

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