How to Avoid Negative Harvesting and Reincarnation

Michelle Walling from In5d Network discusses the reincarnation cycle and what to do if you are finished with this third dimensional experie...

Michelle Walling from In5d Network discusses the reincarnation cycle and what to do if you are finished with this third dimensional experience. She also discusses dying and how to go “home”.

Here is a synopsis of this video:

What is negative harvesting?

Archons and negative oriented entities need energy to survive. The Law of One Material says that ascension is the harvest. At one point in time, the earth will shift her vibration and the wheat will be separated from the chaff, meaning you will go where your vibration takes you.

George Kavassilas says that those who want to activate their merkaba will be given the opportunity to leave the planet with it. Where will they go?

Probably to an astral light construct. There are a lot of races that would like us to evacuate the planet so they can claim it for themselves.

What about reincarnation?

What you do, when you leave and where you go is individual. Beware of people that tell you things must be one way. The only thing that is constant in this respect is that everything is energy and vibration.

There are some people who may be leaving their body and will get a chance to reincarnate to be a part of the shift in consciousness on the planet.

For those who are finished with this earthly experience, you may choose to leave you body and go home. How do you go home? Do not go toward the light, just say to yourself you want to go home.

I plan on going through the shift with the Earth, while in the body, re-activating my DNA and rejuvenating/ perfecting my physical body. To do this, I have to continue to raise my vibration to keep up with the planet.

If you do not achieve this… that’s ok too! Maybe you didn’t plan to do this this. If you have to leave the physical body, your plan might be to stop energy vampirism and to reclaim your energy so that you can go home.

Remember who you are

You are an aspect of Source. Even David Icke has a book entitled this. Some of us are having a hard time remembering who we are as far as what star system, etc., but we do know that we are all connected and on a higher level who we are is a fractal of Source.

It is my intention that every person get the opportunity to see the truth- their past lives and the true history of the planet in order to make an informed decision on what do do when Earth ascends.

Where you go depends upon your oversoul’s history and your progress in the 3rd dimensional construct. More importantly, it’s based on vibration.

Don’t miss the boat, it all starts with loving yourself! You are Source, who wouldn’t love source? Love your body and thank it for giving you the vehicle through which you will experience this shift.

Be careful how much energy and emotion you put into the archon agenda, matrix, etc. It’s great to know what their agenda is, however do not dwell on it. Ground and shift to the now moment, and create the future you want.

In my opinion, we will not fix this in the current consciousness; we must shift into a higher one.

Be the witness, not the victim. Now more than ever, put your efforts into healing yourself and raising your vibration.

For those of us who are here for the long haul, we came to the planet to infiltrate from the inside and to reclaim the planet in a new human body of light, and to start a new race on the new earth. We must stay with the earth to do this. Don’t be misled into wanting to leave the planet.

If you are sick right now, of you have a disease, cancer, etc., you can heal yourself by raising your vibration. As everything is energy, vibration should be your main focus.

Ask Source for help! Recognize what your body is trying to tell you- the area of the body.

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