The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter

Okay- first off- everything shown on this was at the end of a grueling 4 day filming where we filmed 70 hours of this story and I was exhaus...

Okay- first off- everything shown on this was at the end of a grueling 4 day filming where we filmed 70 hours of this story and I was exhausted.

I would like to offer a few corrections as to things I misspoke [in the following documentary].

All in all, everything in this video is exactly how I saw things 4 years ago, although I have obviously evolved- as everyone does in time, but there are a few things that I want to deal with concerning a few of the things I said.

First off- my family is NOT connected to the Rothchilds. We are Rathbuns (or however you spell it). This is an error on my part- and I am not even sure why I said something so silly- but again- I was exhausted and hot.

Secondly- although it is true that my father and step mother kept my mother away from me until I was 18, there was a month and a ½ period when I was 14 that I went to live with her.  I just want to make this distinction.  Otherwise- she was prevented from seeing me.

And third and last- I had a disastrous summer which ended up in a semester of college before going to Omaha right after graduating from high school- so it didn’t happen right off the bat.

Knowing that these things will eventually get thrown in my face- I just wanted to point these out.  Other than that- I stand by everything that is presented.

Strange thing though- concerning the Hummel Park part of the documentary.  The scene going up the steps and into the pavilion was all one shot and no audio in the video was messed with- and so no one knows or can figure out why you can distinctly hear a little boy saying “help me” through the whole scene.

This wasn’t done for effect- in fact- no one knows how it even got in there- but If you pay attention, you can definitely hear it, so it is just something I thought I might point out as you watch it. — David Shurter

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