'Land of the Strays' Houses 900 Free-Roaming Adoptable Dogs and It’s Paradise

"Land of the Strays" is the shelter every dog-lover has been dreaming of with 900 free-roaming happy pups. by Brianna Acuesta ...

"Land of the Strays" is the shelter every dog-lover has been dreaming of with 900 free-roaming happy pups.

by Brianna Acuesta

The “Land of the Strays,” or Territorio de Zaguates, is seriously heaven on Earth for dog-lovers, especially those looking to adopt a new family member.

The privately-funded, volunteer-run organization is in Costa Rica, where they bathe, feed, and exercise the 900 dogs they house by guiding them on scenic walking tours that are free and open to the public.

Visiting the refuge does not mean that there is pressure to adopt a dog; visiting to play and meet with the dogs is free, as many citizens just come by for the fun of it, and the “shelter” is no-kill.

This refuge is said to be one of the happiest places for a dog to live. There’s a lush landscape for the dogs to roam freely and play, and an indoor area with beds and bathing and feeding stations for the dogs to relax.

Water stations are also placed all around the property to ensure that active dogs can remain hydrated at all times.

While this free-range environment is immensely healthy for the pups that call this place home, it’s also great for prospective pup parents who want to get to know their dog in their natural environment.

Many traditional shelters don’t offer this experience because the dogs are scared in their cages and get little time outside.

For this refuge, however, the dogs are so comfortable that their true colors are always showing, making it easier for the adopter to get to know the real pup from the start.

An added (and adorable) bonus of this shelter is that dogs get a unique name and a unique breed name. Experts say that putting a positive spin on the mixed status of dogs helps them to appear even cuter than their purebred friends and aids in finding these adorable mutts a forever home.

Just imagine visiting the shelter and deciding between the “Chubby-Tailed Dobernauzer” or the “Alaskan Colly Fluffyterrier.” Too cute.

So if you ever find yourself in Costa Rica, make sure to add “Land of the Strays” to your itinerary. Being bombarded by 900 happy dogs is too good of an opportunity to miss.

And here's something similar, but for cats: Cat House on the Kings

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