How to Recognize a Soul Mate

The idea of soul mates fascinates us all. But how do we define them? How do we find them? What if we have already met them and failed to rec...

The idea of soul mates fascinates us all. But how do we define them? How do we find them? What if we have already met them and failed to recognize them? Is the person I am currently with, my soul mate?

Here’s my quest of finding answers to all these questions.

A soul mate is generally defined as a person who changes the essence of your existence just by being with you. They may not necessarily stay in your life forever, but they demarcate the time before and after them.

Strangely, they may not necessarily be your romantic partners — they can be your best friends, teachers, spiritual masters, siblings or parents.

A soul mate will help you grow spiritually, morally, emotionally and intellectually.

It is considered that everyone has their own definition of soul mate, but here are a few things to help you develop a better understanding of what a soul mate is.

1. Instant Connection

Whenever you meet your soul mate, there is an instant connection. You do not have to force anything on yourself, you just know it.

You talk and interact like you’ve known each other long before the time of birth. You have a lot of understanding about your differences and similarities.

You love the idea of them being around you because they make you feel so alive.

Your deepest passions are similar and together you have the desire to change each other’s life in a better way and work for mankind’s greater good.

There is no need to explain or justify every action that you take — they just know how things are.

2. A Feeling of Serenity

Have you ever sat with someone in complete silence without any desire of being in any conversation?

There is a chance that that person is your soul mate. Soul mates do not have to meet each other all the time in order to stay connected.

In fact, they can stay miles apart and still remain highly connected, because it is a connection of souls, not bodies — and souls do not necessarily require physical presence.

3. Greater Understanding of Circumstances

Your soul mate would never force you into a situation that would be difficult for you to handle. The best thing about them is that they understand you and your circumstances.

Through this trust and confidence, they widen your horizon. You grow in all directions, both spiritually to emotionally.

They make you understand the bigger picture of almost everything under the sun and help you explore the world.

Normally, our visions are restricted due to the lack of exposure. Your soul mate enters the picture to make sure that you get firsthand experience on what life is basically about.

4. A Sense of Exhilaration

Have you ever wished to fly high in the sky, forgetting all the troubles of the world? That is the job of the soul mate. Your soul mate gives you wings to fly!

This special person liberates you in a way that you start deciding things for yourself.

However, this sense of freedom is not always wild, as it comes with responsibility. Thus, the soul mate introduces freedom with the idea of responsibility.

You take decisions for yourself but with a lot of consideration for others.

5. Self Confidence

When you find your soul mate, you start unearthing your true potential with their help.

But they also make sure that you are prepared well enough to function without them being present, as well.

Therefore, their main target is to make sure that your self-confidence has risen to a level that allows you to achieve wonderful things on your own.

Mostly through their understanding of your personality, they slowly but surely take you to a level of self-sufficiency and confidence that you have not experienced before.

So, if you think that you have met a person who has all of the above-mentioned qualities, then make sure to cherish them and make the most of your time with them.

Enjoy your friendship and may you grow beautifully together! ☺

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